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CarrierNetMobile App breaks down the telematics barrier

Deltion has launched an innovative ‘App’ for Android-based smart phones to deliver accessible telematics to users of the company’s cloud-based CarrierNet transport management solution.

Called CarrierNetMobile, the App can be downloaded free of charge from the Google App store. With Android smart phones capable of running the App now widely available from approximately £30, CarrierNetMobile will deliver transport management telematics at the lowest possible cost. This means that instead of traditional telematics technology, the smart phone becomes the in-cab computer, which adds convenience and saves money.

Features include fleet tracking to track and trace deliveries; Electronic Point of Delivery and Point of Collection capabilities, such as allowing signatures for deliveries to be taken on a smart phone’s screen; navigation functionality using the Android smart phone’s Google features; and the App can also be used for job management.

Deltion will soon be further extending CarrierNetMobile’s capabilities with an add-on for the App. Currently in development this will use Android smart phone technology to monitor and report on driver performance.

CarrierNetMobile is the ideal solution for 3PLs, 4PLS and other supply chain operators who wish to make greater use of small transport operators, which typically combine good customer service with efficiency and low cost. Because they also generally lack telematics, this creates a communications barrier when it comes to integration into the business networks of larger organisations.

However, small operators do use smart phones, which are the passport to the cloud. Loaded with the CarrierNetMobile App they can break down the communication barrier.

"CarrierNetMobile takes advantage of the computer power offered by today’s ubiquitous smart phone. This power is greater than all that NASA could muster back in 1969 when it sent men to the Moon," said Denis O’Sullivan, MD of Deltion. "Companies are seeking robust and functionally rich service solutions, such as CarrierNet, that are highly flexible and future proof. They no longer want to rely on paperwork, telecommunications, fax, and manual reconciliation, which waste time and resources."

Denis O’Sullivan added: "Accustomed to buying products online with free delivery, order tracking status emails and alerts supply chain managers are asking why, if a £5 book can be delivered with such high levels of information, visibility and reliability, the same can’t be achieved with an order in their business worth many thousands of times more? CarrierNetMobile App, which has been trialed already by one major UK grocer, provides these capabilities via the phone."

The CarrierNetMobile App can be downloaded free of charge from the Google App store. Users will need to be running Deltion’s cloud based CarrierNet transport management solution, which will charge a fee for the applications.

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