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Carton Warehouse System special

Carton Warehouse System Special
Wels, October, 4th 2006. Whenever cartons and totes are transported and stored volume use levels and performance are always the
priority issue. TGW is optimising both parameters through constant further development of the technologies. Countless projects have been implemented in these sectors since the year 2000.

Load handling devices have been developed in the TWISTER N and TWISTER V that are specially intended for the double depth storage of cartons of different sizes and qualities suitable for double depth aisles and are thus able to make use of a highest possible performance potential to the full. Storage and retrieval functions to the same principle: Two telescope arms travel sideways past the cartons; place a finger behind each carton and pull them from the shelf onto the LHD integrated belt conveyor. Cartons can be manipulated interlocking and very securely in the storage areas in contrast to the situation with vacuum systems where there is a high level of dependence on the transported goods themselves.

The TWISTER VC has also succeeded in surmounting a further performance level by means of which it is now possible to store double in single depth aisles. As a result of this achievement the TWISTER VC is put to use wherever storage position capacity takes priority over performance. This saves space, but results in a loss of performance since only one carton can be manipulated in a single go as a result of the single depth aisle. An additional lifting device in the Twister technology can help compensate for this reduced performance. This lifting device consists of a grid frame that can receive a second carton. In the retrieval process a carton can thus be fetched by the load handling device and raised by the lifting device. A second carton can now be taken on, significantly increasing performance. Here full use is made of the available space at lifting height.

The transfer from the transport system can be performed with great speed and security as with the TWISTER N and V by the integrated belt

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