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Cartwright Group unveiles UKs most advanced aerodynamic trailer, the Cheetah Fastback

Manchester based Cartwright Group has unveiled the latest in the Cheetah trailer family – the Cheetah Fastback which it believes is the most advanced aerodynamic trailer in the industry.

Recent independent road and MIRA fuel trials have confirmed fuel savings of between 9 and 10 per cent (see attached table) for the Cheetah Fastback over a standard ‘box’ trailer when combined with a tractor unit with an air management kit.

The Fastback model is the end product of months of development by the Cartwright Group at its Altrincham factory, which this year celebrates 50 years of manufacturing on the same site.

The company says it is one of the most exciting trailers it has ever produced and stressed that the idea and design comes directly from listening to customers requirements for a trailer that helps to reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs, whilst dimensionally being able to operate in a general fleet.

In terms of specification, the Fastback features a straight line conventional roof at the front of the trailer, with the rear 50 per cent of the trailer roof tapered.

This corresponds to the chassis ‘wedge’ design, which enables the trailer to maintain internal cubic capacity.

The trailer is available as van, curtainsider or fridge design.

When presented on a loading bay the high lift air suspension of the trailer is automatically lifted to suit the loading bay height by a simple push / pull valve in the rear frame.

A new side guard design has also been fitted, keeping to the original Cheetah test principles of letting the air flow under the chassis and out through the rear.

All the latest design improvements on the Fastback are a net result of the Cartwright Group’s new in house ‘CFD’ (computational fluid dynamics) programme.

The Cartwright Group recently adopted the use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), better known for its use by Formula 1 racing teams, to improve the aerodynamics of the Cheetah Fastback.

Cartwright has developed close links with Manchester Metropolitan University, investing in a knowledge transfer partnership scheme (KTP) to develop its range of Cheetah trailer products, using CFD.

Anthony Bukowski of Manchester Metropolitan University, the post graduate researching his doctorate, is based at Cartwright’s factory and is involved in using CFD on Cartwrights road transport products including the Cheetah Fastback trailer.

He commented: "The British road transport industry consumes 6.5 million tonnes of fuel per year (Office for National Statistics).

"Every effort is being made to help reduce fuel consumption through aerodynamic development that, in turn, can directly reduce transport costs and Co2 emissions."

Anthony continued: "The first results of these developments have been realised in the new Cheetah Fastback, making it the most advanced aerodynamic trailer in the industry today."

John Cartwright, Director, said: "This new design tool for trailer and bodywork design, utilising ‘CFD’ is extremely exciting. The Fastback is the first product result, but other products and innovations are to follow as we endeavour to design and manufacture low carbon, energy efficient road transport products."

The Cheetah Fastback can achieve fuel savings of up to 10% over a standard ‘box’ trailer when combined with a tractor unit with air management kit.
In independent road and MIRA fuel trials the Fastback achieved:
9 to 10% fuel savings.
This equates to the following financial saving based on a fuel cost of (£1.21.6/litre)
(AA fuel price report April 2010):
Example annual Mileage: 100,000 Miles
Fuel cost based on standard trailer at 10mpg = £55,280
Fuel cost based on Fastback trailer at 11mpg = £50,000
Total Savings per annum = £5,280.

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