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Cartwright once again the choice for Amari Metals

Amari Metals, the UK’s largest independent multi-metals stockholder, has once again selected Cartwright for its trailer requirements, recently adding more trailers to its fleet.

The Wednesbury-based organisation, which distributes aluminium, copper, bronze and steel through its 19 service centres throughout the UK and Eire, has recently purchased nine trailers from Cartwright for a variety of distribution uses and customers.

Cartwright has built a special coil carrier curtainsider for Amari’s fleet. Specified at four metres overall height, it has been designed with a 7.2 metre long well running down the centre of the floor, in order to carry coils with an outer diameter of between 800 millimetres and 2200 millimetres.

When not in use the floor has a special drop in cover. Additionally, along the length of the floor at four positions, there are galvanised steel posts to keep the coils in place during delivery.

The roof is supported by sliding pillars rather than a postless design. The trailer also comes with SAF suspension.

Amari, which has been a customer of Cartwright for the past five years, has also ordered two curtainsiders of 4.2 metres height with 52 lashing rings, double the usual amount, because of the need for securing the high level metals the company is carrying. These curtainsiders also have five pairs of steel posts that drop in down the side raves in order to put a second level of metals down the length, sitting on the posts.

The six other Cartwright trailers ordered were standard curtainsiders, all postless and each of four metres in height, also with 52 lashing rings.

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