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Castell and Traka join forces to prevent accidental loading bay driveaways with the launch of DockSafe, intelligent loading bay safety

Castell and Traka are pleased to announce a joint development of their respective loading bay systems. Castell has many years of experience in providing loading bay safety systems and has installed Salvo on thousands of loading bays worldwide. Traka is an expert in access control solutions for Forklift truck and bay door control within logistics and distribution markets across the globe.

Together, the two companies have created a unique system that enhances loading bay safety – regardless of vehicle type. The system restricts access to authorised personnel only, and gives full traceability of who used which door, and when this occurred. This audit trail is vital when both assessing performance and efficiency.

The system works through Traka’s immobiliser system controlling the access to both the loading bay and Castell Salvo Susie device. This means that only authorised users can gain access to the loading equipment. This is the initial way that accidents can be prevented by removing the ability for untrained staff to use potentially hazardous equipment. Access is granted through the intelligent Traka iFob allowing the Castell Salvo Susie to be released.

The Salvo Susie is then fitted to the emergency airline of the articulated trailer. The Castell key is subsequently released and is inserted into the Salvo Control Panel, which allows the bay doors to be operated. This sequence ensures the trailer is immobilised while loading or unloading is carried out.

David Hughes, Global Sales Director of Castell, commented "the ability to track and control who is accessing equipment delivers a number of benefits to the end user, increased safety, improved efficiency and providing a complete end to end audit trail. I believe this system creates a unique solution in this market."

Robert Smith of Traka believes that this is "a truly unique solution that protects the health and safety of all employees involved in the loading bay operation whilst improving business efficiency in a cost effective way."

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