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Castell prevent fail-to-danger with the new power isolator

Castell, a provider of industrial safety components for over 90 years, has redesigned the electrical isolator to prevent component failure leading to malfunction. The KSD+ is a new trapped key interlock power isolator, suitable for 3-phase currents from 32 amps to 250 amps, which dramatically increases safety protection over conventional designs, preventing fail-to-danger.

Designed to the latest standard BS EN 60947-3:2009, the new KSD+ has been created with a non-direct drive interlocking mechanism. The key that controls the operation of the isolator does not bear the load of switching the contacts, traditionally a potential point of failure. Switching is now achieved with an extending handle that increases the ease of use, as well as device reliability. The key traps the handle in place and prevents operation when the key is removed.

To further enhance the safety of the KSD+, the ability to switch the device on while the case is open has been removed through the use of a coded sensor. This is an issue for current designs of isolator, even where protection has been built in, as such protective measures can easily be overcome. The KSD+ coded sensor ensures the case is secure before allowing operation, meaning that the user is protected to a much higher degree.

The KSD+ features a stainless steel enclosure that can be placed in harsh environments – this is important for food, chemical and heavy industry applications.

The new unit is fully compatible with previous FS lock types and can therefore be used in existing interlocking systems.

Keith Allingham, Castell’s operations director, commented: "The new KSD+ is a further example of how Castell’s understanding of customer requirements has led to the development of a product with superior features and benefits. The KSD+ also utilises end coding technology and is available off the shelf. Products can be shipped to the customer and coded to their requirements within 48 hours".

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