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Cath Kidston renews contract with Abby Couriers

An Essex-based courier company has this week had a contract renewed with one of the country’s leading fabric and clothing designers to deliver products to their 22 stores nationwide.

Managing Director at Abby Couriers, Mr Mark Giles, said: "Cath Kidston is famous for her vintage inspired prints on everything from clothing to accessories to a variety of home ware and household accessories which are delivered to her shops across the country from a central distribution centre in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

"Abby Couriers was pleased to win a trial contract last year to deliver to the firm’s 22 stores, from Edinburgh in Scotland through to St Ives in Cornwall, to ensure that they have the latest designs on their shelves as soon as possible.

"We are delighted that the pilot has proved successful and that this week Cath Kidston signed a contract appointing Abby Couriers to distribute to their stores on a more permanent basis.

"The contract will mean a fleet of vehicles with our specially trained drivers will be providing the distribution arm for Cath Kidston making it a very cost effective way of supplying their stores.

"By using our team of drivers who will already be travelling across the country this new contract will reduce costs for Cath Kidston as they will not have to have their own team of drivers nor cope with the rapidly increasing fuel prices.

"At the same time the firm will be reducing its carbon footprint as our vehicles will already be travelling many of the routes concerned.

"This is a major contract for Abby Couriers and we are looking forward to continuing to provide a first class service to Cath Kidston stores across the United Kingdom."

Logistics Manager at Cath Kidston, John Knights, said: "Out sourcing our delivery system makes good business sense for Cath Kidston but only if the firm we are working with is reliable and takes good care of the goods they deliver.

"We tested Abby Couriers over 18 months with a series of ad hoc deliveries and then during the last year they have been our main distribution channel. We have been very pleased by the result which is why we are now awarding them this contract to make the regular deliveries from our central distribution centre in Huntingdon to each of our 22 stores across the country.

"We are looking forward to working with the Abby Couriers team as their family ethos reflects the same business principles we have here at Cath Kidston."

Founded in 1994 Abby Couriers is a family run firm with a Head Office in Luckyn Lane, Basildon and offices at Welwyn Garden City.

With almost 200 staff the firm has more than 175 drivers on the road providing Same Day Delivery Services across the United Kingdom and Europe for key clients who include DHL, FEDEX and TNT.

Abby Couriers is a member of the National Courier Association, the Federation of Small Businesses and Essex Chambers of Commerce.

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