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CeMAT 2016: Smart solutions from Continental improve efficiency and safety in intralogistics

CeMAT 2016: Smart solutions from Continental improve efficiency and safety in intralogistics

Customised, innovative and smart solutions are among the current trends in the area of intralogistics and supply chain management. At this year’s CeMAT from May 31 to June 3 in Hanover, the international automotive supplier Continental will be showcasing smart solutions for intralogistics applications from its comprehensive portfolio.

Among the highlights on the trade fair stand, shared by the Continental Commercial Specialty Tyres (CST) business unit and the ContiTech division in hall 25, booth L11, are innovative software packages and customised tyre, drive, and fluid solutions. Visitors will be able to experience many products live in three different areas of the booth: “Tyre Intelligence”, “Customised Solutions”, and “ContiTech”.

“Tyre Intelligence” with ContiPressureCheck™ and ContiFlexbox

Under the motto “Tyre Intelligence”, Continental CST is presenting two smart software solutions that can be used on all vehicle types in the area of intralogistics: the ContiPressureCheck™ system and the ContiFlexbox telematics system. They enable the gathering and analysis of extensive vehicle-related data, allowing drivers and fleet managers to manage fleets more efficiently and safely while reducing the environmental impact.

ContiPressureCheck™ continuously measures the air pressure and temperature of tyres via sensors attached to the inside of the tyre by means of a rubber container, guaranteeing high-precision data. The values are transmitted wirelessly to a central control unit and transferred to a display in the driver’s cab, giving the driver a constant overview of every tyre – even when driving. If the values change due to a gradual loss of pressure or a tyre defect, the driver is warned by an audible & visual alarm. This early warning conserves the material, prevents tyre damage, and minimises downtime.   Rolling resistance is also reduced as a result of having the correct tyre pressure, saving fuel, reducing CO2 emissions  and improving the running performance of the tyres. Particularly practical is the new “Handheld” measuring tool, with which the fleet manager can check the tyre pressure and temperature of the entire fleet in a very short time.

CPC can be complemented in future by the ContiFlexbox telematics solution, which will be available from 2017. It will facilitate the collection, displaying, and transmission of tyre- and vehicle-related data to a central server. Additional information such as deployment duration and current location can also be measured via the GPS signal picked up by the ContiFlexbox. The transmission of all values via WLAN, Bluetooth, or GSM to the server for analysis and processing will be possible. The development plan includes also the opportunity to forward the data to mobile end devices as well as to the display in the driver’s cab. Visitors can experience the ContiFlexbox-technology live at CeMAT thanks to a test setup.

“Customised Solutions”: tailored tyre products for various industrial areas

From the chemical sector to the food industry, Continental CST offers a wide range of solid and pneumatic tyres that cater to the various needs and circumstances of different applications in the area of material handling, making it possible to cut costs. In the pneumatic tyre segment, the company has the TractorMaster and the ContiRT20 in its portfolio.

The high-performance TractorMaster will be available in the new 280/75 R 22.5 tyre size from May 2016. The tyre, which is primarily designed for use on terminal tractors and trailers in ports, features very good traction, wear-resistant tread compound, and excellent running performance. The ContiRT20 is suitable for forklift trucks: It offers very good stability and durability as well as outstanding comfort and traction, even on soft and uneven surfaces.

In the solid tyre segment, Continental CST presents the CS20 and the SC20 Mileage+. With its double-L design and closed shoulder, the CS20 impresses with very smooth running characteristics, good traction, and outstanding lateral loads, leading to a high level of driving comfort and low operating costs. Thanks to a rubber compound with short chain sulphur bridges, the SC20 Mileage+ possesses excellent abrasion resistance, maximum ability to withstand damage or cuts, and improved overall running performance. With the retreaded Conti LifeCycle™ solid rubber tyre, the Continental presents yet another special product from its portfolio.

Customised drive and fluid solutions from ContiTech

The enhanced Synchrodrive timing belts for lifting drives on storage and retrieval machines in high-bay warehouses enable higher pallet weights, faster acceleration, and lifting heights of 30 meters and above. This is achieved with greater spacing of 20 millimeters instead of 14 between the teeth. The high-performance belt is subject to less stretching in proportional terms when lifting goods to very high levels – an advantage for the systems’ performance measures. Up to five metric tons can be lifted with the Synchrodrive HTD 20M. The belt is especially long-lasting and low-maintenance and it doesn’t need any lubrication. The Polyflat PU flat belt is a further solution for maintenance-free drives in lifting. The steel-reinforced belts are extremely flexible and wear-resistant.

ContiTech will also be showcasing many different applications ranging from hose components to complex line systems with comprehensive material and process expertise within the intralogistics industry. Modern CNC bending machines and measuring equipment make it possible to customize the product precisely to each application and find the best solution for the customer.

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