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CFTS members strike a chord with the industry way of doing things

CFTS members strike a chord with the industry way of doing things

When members were telling CFTS that the administrative burden from Thorough Examinations was affecting business, that so many dealers didn’t have the extra manpower needed to manage the complex paper trail, engineers were late to jobs, paperwork took too long to process and safety work got delayed, they decided to act.

CFTS soon understood the myriad of issues dealers were experiencing. They identified a need for a solution to streamline the Thorough Examinations process to make it easier, digitised and automated. The conversations had between CFTS and its members showed that many were struggling with the burden of paperwork these jobs entail and that there was a desperate need for automation. Engineers were losing out on some of the safety-related work that comes from Thorough Examinations as they couldn’t turn around jobs in good time whilst maintaining profitability. So CFTS needed to find a solution and began to research potential collaborators, ultimately leading to the partnership with Service Geeni.

Service Geeni is a specialist service management software that uses mobile technology and enables efficiency and service excellence. Working closely with CFTS, they developed a bespoke application that gives Engineers the information, examination checklists and forms that they need in the field, on any device. Engineers can complete the required details on the job with pre-populated forms saving time, removing admin, and providing clear information for quoting any extra work. Automation of the process has removed costly delays. The result: engineer productivity increases, admin is reduced, customers are satisfied, and dealers can respond quickly on extra safety work needed.

CFTS commented, “We wanted an easy-to-use application to help members save time and money. By partnering with Service Geeni, CFTS has digitised and automated the Thorough Examination process, making it streamlined and efficient, helping members and customers to further improve safety levels across the industry.”

What does this mean for CFTS members?

The solution is available to all members. The partnership has already shown that those firms with digitised systems in place are operating more profitably and delivering a good service to customers. More and more members are expected to turn to digitisation and automation not just to improve the Thorough Examination process but to enhance service delivery too and we expect those who do so effectively will see the greatest returns, and those who delay will be more likely to struggle.

To find out more about how the CFTS & Service Geeni partnership works, take a listen to our ‘In the field’ podcast here or visit servicegeeni.com

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