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CFTS Thorough Examination logo gains ‘Certification Mark’ status

If you’ve been reading the materials handling press over the last couple of years you can hardly fail to have noticed the distinctive ‘fork lift tick’ logo of the CFTS Thorough Examination scheme. Seen on all the related documentation, it also appears on a sticker boldly applied to trucks to proclaim that they have been thoroughly examined under the scheme.

The more observant of you may have noticed, in recent days, a subtle but significant change in this logo – with the addition of the words ‘Certification Mark’.

To gain the right to use the term ‘Certification Mark’, official recognition must be sought from the Trade Marks Registry. Success in meeting the Registry’s rigorous criteria is an endorsement, in itself, of the best practice for which the mark stands.

“The CFTS scheme – which is the materials handling industry’s own accredited scheme for Thorough Examination – more than met the Registry’s stringent requirements,” says CFTS Chairman Steve Hodkinson. “It was, after all, set up to ensure uniformly high standards in the delivery of Thorough Examination.

“The scheme already has the backing of the industry’s two major trade associations, the FLTA and BITA, who worked together as Consolidated Fork Truck Services (CFTS) – in consultation with the HSE – to establish it. Only companies accredited to deliver CFTS Thorough Examinations can use the CFTS logo – and to be accredited they must agree to abide by the strict CFTS procedural code. Now, to give even further confidence to customers, that logo carries the authority of a Certification Mark.

“With over 120 CFTS accredited companies spread right across the UK, it makes absolute sense to look for the Certification Mark when seeking Thorough Examinations. Without it, you could be taking a very big risk.”

For further information on the fork lift truck industry’s accredited Thorough Examination scheme, and to find your nearest CFTS accredited company, please contact: CFTS Ltd, PO Box 2954, Marlow SL7 1XU.
Tel: 01628 475600.
Fax: 01628 474377.
Email mail@thoroughexamination.org. Or visit the CFTS website www.thoroughexamination.org.

For more information on BITA and the FLTA:

Fork Lift Truck Association, Manor Farm Buildings, Lasham, Alton, Hants, GU34 5SL. Tel: 01256 381441. Fax: 01256 381735. Email: mail@fork-truck.org.uk. Website www.fork-truck.org.uk.

British Industrial Truck Association, 5-7 High Street, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 9NQ. Tel: 01344 623800. Fax: 01344 291197. Email: James.Clark@bita.org.uk.
Website: www.bita.org.uk.

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