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Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport CILT to be a member of the Low Carbon Logistics Supply Chain Steering Group

The transport and logistics industry can turn out to be a winner resulting from the Government’s newly published low carbon strategy.

Freight users have already demonstrated that the combination of increased operational efficiency, vehicle engineering developments, improved driving skills and fuel conservation measures result in a crucial saving of bottom line costs. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT) says that the announcements made by Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis yesterday (15 July) will provide added stimulus to this process producing benefits to the economy, the environment and, specifically, transport operators themselves. Green policies work for industry.

CILT will be a member of the Low Carbon Logistics Supply Chain Steering Group chaired by the Department for Transport and the Institute looks forward to playing a full role towards achieving the new measures and strategies aimed at reducing emissions in the transport sector.

CILT Chief Executive Steve Agg said: ‘Of course we must acknowledge that logistics is a source of harmful carbon emissions. But the whole nation must also recognise that none of us can live without the vital job which our industry carries out every day of the year. No logistics would mean no food and drink, no stock in the shops, no building materials, no movement of goods. If you’ve got it, then it will almost certainly have been in the back of a lorry. The UK population could not live without the essential work which our industry carries out

‘And in recent years we have made very substantial progress in reducing carbon emissions from commercial vehicles – that progress needs to be continued and accelerated and CILT supports the Government’s intentions to further that progress.

‘We have seen repeated evidence to show that fuel saving and carbon reduction policies produce very worthwhile cost savings for vehicle operators. Cut carbon, save fuel, cut costs and save the world! Green policies benefit industry. Our contribution to the strategy will continue matching environmentally friendly policies with operational excellence and lower costs.’

Earlier this year CILT launched CarbonActive, an online carbon footprint management toolkit designed to assist vehicle operators to measure, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint. Steve Agg said: ‘We have been delighted by the initial response from our members to CarbonActive. Their enthusiasm demonstrates not only their responsible attitude to protecting the environment, but their business savvy in recognising the commercial benefits of a low carbon strategy.

‘We expect that it will be schemes like CarbonActive which will enable logistics to contribute towards carbon reduction whilst continuing to carry out their essential work. For the efficient logistics manager utilising CarbonActive is a no-brainer. Cut costs and reduce carbon emissions. A clear winner.’

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