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Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport say lorry drivers unsung heroes in the snow

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) says that the public must show understanding and support for the difficult job currently being carried out by lorry operators and, in particular, drivers, at this difficult time of adverse weather conditions. The logistics industry continues to do all that it possibly can in order to deliver goods to shops, offices and homes in the face of some of the worst snow and coldest temperatures seen for many years.

CILT Chief Executive Steve Agg said: ‘It is not surprising that some road users become frustrated at the sight of a lorry that has become trapped in the snow resulting in difficulties for other vehicles. But we must all realise the incredibly important job which that lorry, and its driver, are trying to do – delivering the goods and services, food and drink, and essential supplies that we all rely upon every day of the year, come rain or shine or, in this case, snow and blizzards.

‘This week we have seen drivers going to extraordinary personal lengths, and displaying incredible skills, in order to keep Britain stocked with its daily needs. Lorry drivers deserve our admiration, congratulations and thanks for the way in which they have stuck to their task, displayed innovation, and in most cases delivered the goods.

‘We have seen drivers out in all hours, in terrible weather conditions and very low temperatures, and in stressful and frustrating situations. Generally speaking they have faced up to this task with goodwill and good humour. I appeal to other road users, residents and pedestrians to appreciate the potential problems of driving a heavy goods vehicle in this difficult environment and to exercise patience and tolerance of their potential difficulties.

‘Industry and consumers can be assured that the transport and logistics sector, and its drivers, are doing everything possible to continue deliveries, to minimise delays and to keep the UK on the move.’

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