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CHEP improved customer digital experience

CHEP improved customer digital experience

CHEP, the supply chain solutions company, reports that its proprietary online customer portal known as myCHEP™ is receiving widespread customer acceptance throughout Europe and across CHEP’s global footprint because of its ease of use and time-saving features.

myCHEP™ is designed to meet the needs of customers working with CHEP, so that they can keep their supply chains running in a reliable, sustainable, and efficient manner with a seamless digital customer experience. Europe customers completed over one million transfers via myCHEP™ in the month of February alone.

Central Lechera Asturiana (CAPSA), a leading company in the Spanish dairy industry, is pleased with the results. CAPSA Supply Chain and Operations Director, Pere Joan Massó, says: “Nobody wants to spend time keeping track of pallets. The myCHEP™ schedule page lets us see clearly what’s happening, what’s scheduled to happen and what still needs our attention. It also lets us take action quickly: with just a few clicks, we can update or cancel orders, request proofs of delivery or chase information about incomplete transactions saving us time and energy.”

myCHEP™ is being rolled out in phases, allowing customers to provide feedback and insights. myCHEP™ is easy to use and allows customers the ability to access and manage their accounts anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nearly 20,000 of CHEP’s European customers are currently using myCHEP™, and the company expects to convert the rest of its customers in Europe to the new online portal by mid-2018. In the coming months new capabilities will be available to CHEP customers including dialogue between supply chain partners and further expansion of self-servicing options to provide a robust digital end-to-end experience.

CHEP Digital Services Manager, Marianne Richeux, says: “Customers are finding it easy to use, requires little or no training and works not only on a PC but on mobile devices and tablets, allowing customers to use it on the go. myCHEP™ is now the European customer tool of choice for communicating and interacting with CHEP.”

“CHEP will continue to work closely with its customers to deliver innovative and value-added solutions for the evolving supply chain, as well as best-in-class supporting applications and digital tools such as myCHEP™ which can help to provide a seamless and effective customer experience”.

As the global leader in sustainable shipping pallets and containers, serving industries such as consumer goods, fresh, retail, beverage, and automotive, CHEP is committed to helping improve the efficiency and sustainability of local and global supply chains. CHEP has been investing in areas such as this in order to continually improve the way it serves its customers, helping to make their supply chains flow and connect seamlessly, and helping to ensure a digital experience that is designed to support the needs of its customers both today and into the future.

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