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Chep pallets favoured by EMMI for European exports

CHEP, a global leader in pallet and container pooling services, announced today that Emmi, the largest Swiss milk processor and one of the leading premium dairies in Europe, has appointed CHEP to take care of its pallets needs for its European exports. Emmi chose CHEP because of its superior efficiency, quality and sustainability compared with non-pooled pallet alternatives.

Emmi, which produces brands including Kaltbach and other cheeses, Emmi Caffè Latte, Emmi Choco latte, Swiss Müesli, Swiss Yogurt, Energy Milk, Yogi Drink and Tigre has been working with CHEP since 2009. After making significant progress with its supply chain efficiency as a result, Emmi’s use of CHEP pallets will increase eight-fold over the coming 18 months from 15,000 a year (mainly to the UK, Ireland and the Benelux region) to 120,000 pallets, as it begins distributing on CHEP to Portugal, Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

Emmi Group Head of Retail and Supply Chain Management, Max Peter, said: "CHEP provides us with an excellent pooling service, reaching 300,000 points throughout Europe. CHEP delivers great value with its products and services and provides an environmental solution that works well for us. By using CHEP pallets, which are continually recycled across the supply chain, we are also fulfilling our commitment to waste reduction, one of our key priorities.

"Another advantage of the CHEP service is its web-based pallet management system Portfolio+Plus. This technology enhances our ability to control pallet movements through the supply chain and facilitates decision-making processes, saving us time and money – and setting CHEP apart from its competition.

"CHEP is a customer-centric company, which strives to be easy to do business with. Pallets have been a concern of ours for the last 20 years because of issues about pallet quality, pallet shortages and product safety, among others. Now if we have any questions, CHEP answers them. If we have problems, CHEP provides us with solutions."

CHEP Senior Vice President of Western Europe, Christophe Loiseau, said: "At CHEP, we pride ourselves on helping customers achieve supply chain savings. We are delighted that we have extended this important contract following a very detailed analysis by Emmi. The customer’s confidence in our ability to continue to meet our pallet delivery and quality commitments, and in the level of customer service that we have delivered in the past, were important factors through the negotiation."

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