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Chicago Pneumatic unveils brighter LED light tower for jobsite efficiency and safety

International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has unveiled its new ultra-bright LED light tower. The CPLB 6 light tower utilises four 350 W LED’s to provide a lighting efficacy of up to 200 lux. By using LED’s rather than conventional halide lights, the CPLB 6 light tower is 20% brighter than most standard light towers and can reduce energy use by more than 70 per cent.

Using LED luminaires with special optics, the light tower provides ultra-bright light equivalent to the lighting efficacy of four standard 1,000 W halide lights. With a hydraulic mast height of 8 meters, the new towers are capable of projecting 50 lux over 35 meters away. The improved output ensures runtimes can be maximised, providing increased work times and greater site visibility and safety.

The compact fuel engine uses three times less fuel than many other light towers available, reducing both fuel consumption and emissions by over 70 per cent. When compared to similar products, the CPLB 6 light towers were found to reduce maintenance costs by around a third, due to the extended 500-hour service intervals.

“By using LED’s in our light tower, Chicago Pneumatic is now able to offer the one of the brightest light towers on the market, enabling users to extend their runtime, reduce their fuel costs and improve working conditions” says Ignacio Picatoste, Spokesperson for Lighting Equipment at Chicago Pneumatic. “Constructed with rugged reliability in mind, our new towers are robust enough to work in some of the harshest conditions. Thanks to the compact nature of the light tower it can also be easily stored and transported around work sites.”

Designed for ease of use, the light towers are equipped with a portable auto start controller that allows for simple set-up and scheduled activation times, ensuring that the towers are ready to go at a specific time. The controller allows users to easily adjust the tower to provide direct light exactly where needed, helping people on site work safely and more productively.

The new light tower is suited for applications requiring temporary lighting, and is primarily aimed for use on construction and road work sites. The CPLB 6 is available worldwide, excluding the U.S. and Canada.

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