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Chips have no chance with the closed cable carrier by KABELSCHLEPP Metool

The cable and hose carrier TKA55 was developed specifically for use in environments with heavy contamination from chips and dirt. The all-round closed structure effectively prevents the intrusion of foreign bodies into the cable space, and allows for reliable protection right up to the connection area.

Wood, metal or plastic chips entering into the cable space of cable and hose carriers can quickly result in costly problems. Carriers wear faster, the service life of the routed cables and hoses is shortened, and the availability of the entire machine or system is jeopardised. TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP has developed an impressive solution for these types of environments with their cable carrier TKA55. The closed plastic cable carrier was awarded the Eco-Link label of excellence, and fulfils the very strict environmental compatibility standards of TSUBAKI Group.

An optimised sideband and a cover contour with minimised gap dimensions effectively prevents functional faults caused by chips and dirt entering into or sticking to the cable carrier. The compact new cover design fits seamlessly into one another and reach over the sidebands to form a compact, closed unit. They offer secure hold even under severe mechanical stresses, e.g. when used with hydraulic lines. The smooth, dirt-repellent contour of the sidebands with their encapsulated stroke system prevents the intrusion of any foreign bodies. The covers can be opened and removed easily on the inside or outside to load the cable carriers. The interior of the TKA55 can be modularly partitioned with various divider solutions for even cable distribution.

The optimised geometry of the chain links and a triple encapsulated stroke system allows the TKA55 to span extensive unsupported sections. The integrated gliding surfaces make the cable carrier the ideal solution for long travel lengths. Integrated noise damping ensures that the cable carrier is running silently and with low vibration at all times. The closed cable carrier by KABELSCHLEPP Metool is available in six interior widths between 50 mm and 175 mm.

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