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Chronos BTH complete new packing line with conveying system for R.A. & C.E. Platt

Chronos BTH Limited has recently completed the installation and commissioning of a new turnkey packing system for R.A. & C.E. Platt Ltd’s facility at Llay near Wrexham. The company is a leading supplier of wood shavings and sawdust for use as animal bedding for horses, cattle and other livestock; their products provide cost-effective solutions for enhanced animal welfare.

Having secured the initial enquiry at the Interpack trade show, Chronos BTH worked closely with R.A. & C.E. Platt Ltd to implement the new packing line as part of a plant upgrade at the Llay facility. This included site visits and factory trials to ensure that the proposed packing system could successfully handle the range of fine sawdust and shavings products.

On the installation a volumetric feeder is used to feed products into a tubular form fill and seal bagging machine, which operates at peak outputs of up to 400 bags/hour. The filled bags are fed via a conveying system in to a high level palletiser and the loaded pallets are wrapped with a Rainbow stretch hooder.

For enhanced flexibility and optimum machine utilisation an additional conveying system was supplied that allows bags and bales from other packing systems, to be feed into the Rainbow stretch hooder. This enables these packs to benefit from the well proven stretch hooding technology provided by the Rainbow system.

Nigel Thedens, Production Director at Platt’s made the following comments about the packing system, "With product density changing constantly, it is extremely difficult to achieve the same amount of material in every bag." He concluded, "Chronos BTH worked closely with Platt’s to resolve this issue and came up with an excellent solution."

Chronos BTH Limited incorporates Richard Simon Limited, Verville and Premier Tech Systems for European spares, refurbishments, service, installation and commissioning.

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