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Chronos Richardsons Robot Palletisers now with enhanced speeds

Chronos Richardson s ongoing partnership with one of the world s leading supplier of robotic arms, Kawasaki Robot has led to enhanced palletising speeds for the CHRONO-PAL RP Robot Palletising System. The range of equipment is capable of palletising bags, pouches, cartons, boxes, pails, buckets, drums, and multipacks at speeds up to 2400 packs per hour.

CHRONO-PAL RP Robot Palletisers require minimum installation space yet offer reliable long-term operating performance. Key to the success of the CHRONO-PAL RP Robot Palletiser is the range of innovative product gripper-head designs each of which is carefully designed to lift each item onto the pallet and carefully position it for optimum layer formation. This carefully controlled precision operation ensures the formation of a stable pallet stack every time. An inbuilt control routine enables the palletiser to automatically adapt to different package sizes.

CHRONO-PAL™ RP Robot Palletisers operate at speeds up to 2400 packages per hour, which is dependant on the product being palletised, package size and the number of packing lines being served. Successful applications have been realised in across a diverse range of industrial sectors. Typical operating performances are:

– 1200 bags per hour from a single bagging line

– 1700 packages per hour operating in ‘multi pack pick-up mode’

– 2400 packages per hour operating in ‘complete layer pick-up mode’

A diverse range of accessories complements the CHRONO-PAL™ RP Robot Palletiser this includes: pallet infeed and outloading systems; wrapping and load protection systems; light curtain safety systems; and safety guarding.

Chronos Richardson is a Premier Tech Company.

Tel: +44 (0) 115 9351351
Fax: +44 (0) 115 9606941
Email: roem@premiertech.com
Website www.servicechronos.com

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