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CHT 300 high tension strapping tool


A new high-tension friction weld tool has been added to Cyklop's battery-powered range of strapping tools as the industry pushes for higher safety standards.

The CHT 300 has been created for niche markets where higher tensions are called for, such as brick and block producers, the timber industry, paper makers and steel service centres or manufacturers.

This ergonomically designed product is the next generation of handheld-strapping tool featuring its own self-contained power source enabling it to be used without the need for potentially dangerous electrical or pneumatic trailing leads.

Cambridgeshire-based Cyklop's growing portfolio of battery-powered products will be welcomed by companies facing increasingly stringent Health and Safety regulations governing the use of hand-held equipment to ensure workers are not in danger from leads snaking around factory floors.

The CHT 300 is manufactured to the highest standards, with a cover made from high-impact, reinforced plastic. The microprocessor is housed in a new generation board with touch panel controls to monitor and adjust tension force, tension levels and welding time. It also features an audible weld time indicator.

The handle has a rubber inlay for secure grip while the heavy duty Bosch battery is housed in a specially protected, easily accessible compartment. An LED display on the control panel clearly shows the current battery capacity.

The single motor system, driven by the high efficiency MAXON motor, is capable of providing a range of tension power from 400N to an impressive 3,300N, yet the unit weighs just 4.2kg, including battery.

The CHT 300 will take strap widths from 15mm-19mm. Strap thickness for polyester can range from 0.8mm-1.3mm and for polypropylene 0.8mm-1.00mm .

The CHT 300 sets new standards for battery-powered strapping tools, not just in versatility of performance but also in its ease of use and safer application.

“This tool is an important addition to our expanding battery-powered range and has been launched very much with the brick and block industry in mind,” said David Hearn, Managing Director of Cyklop UK. “However, it is ideally suited for any high-tension applications.”

“Cyklop's CP98 pneumatic strapper has been the prerequisite tool until now but it has trailing leads so we are moving toward battery-powered tools.

“The CHT 300 is compact, light and durable – perfect for the niche markets it is aimed at. There is an impressive amount of power for a battery-powered, hand-held device.”

The CHT 300 comes with two batteries and a charger, each one with a lifespan of up to 1,500 charging cycles. When fully charged this battery is expected to perform between 120-250 strapping cycles between charges.

Cyklop UK Ltd is a market leader in the provision of machines, tools and consumables for strapping, stretch-wrapping, binding and taping products of all sizes.

For further information about Cyklop or its products, please call 01480 216777 or visit www.cyklop.co.uk.

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