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CIOB launches free online advice

on how to tackle corruption and fraud

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has launched the next in its series of “Are you ready…?” online broadcasts.

Entitled “Are you ready…to tackle corruption and fraud”, this latest edition focuses on the serious issue of corruption and fraud within the construction industry, highlighting the effects it can have on individuals and businesses.

The broadcast also discusses some of the key preventative measures that can be adopted to tackle the problem, including training, anti-corruption programmes, awareness-raising, and how and where these measures should be implemented across your business.

Industry experts from the Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre, Fraud Advisory Panel, Metropolitan Police, KPMG, Debut Services and Halcrow provide guidance and information about how to adopt best practice ethical business standards and how effective anti-corruption systems can be adopted at all levels.

Chris Blythe CIOB Chief Executive said: “Corruption is a global problem which affects all industries, not just construction. However, the construction industry can take lead in tackling the issue. We aim to provide information and guidance to our members and the public, and in particular young people in the industry who maybe facing many of these issues for the first time.”

The broadcast can be viewed at www.ciob.org.uk/resources/onlinebroadcasts

'Are you ready for 'Site Waste Management Plans' was the first broadcast in the series and can be found at the same link as above. Future broadcasts in 2009 will include topics such as sustainability.

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) represents for the public benefit the most diverse set of professionals in the construction industry.

The CIOB's role is to:

· Promote the importance of the built environment.

· Lead the industry to create a sustainable future worldwide.

· Encourage leadership potential.

· Set the highest standards in quality, safety and qualification.

· Create an industry where excellence prospers.

Further information is available by contacting Saul Townsend CIOB press and communications manager on 01344 630 766 – stownsend@ciob.org.uk.

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