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City link rejects one-size-fits-all approach to better delivery for manufacturing SMEs

Manufacturing firms in Britain see their delivery company as a reflection of their company brand, a YouGov survey has revealed.

Almost half (45%) of senior decision makers in small and medium manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) surveyed whose businesses deliver goods feel that the delivery company they use is a reflection of their company brand, though less than one in ten (7%) feel that there is a very dedicated offering for SMEs by delivery companies.

Nearly 90 per cent of small and medium sized manufacturing companies surveyed use delivery services, so it is a concern that these businesses feel that their needs are not being met.

SMEs in the manufacturing sector in particular depend on the efficiency of their chosen delivery company, as it is an industry that relies heavily on delivery companies to ship goods, both nationally and internationally.

Price is also a major factor for manufacturing bosses. Of those polled in the recent survey the majority (82%) stated that competitive pricing was an important factor when using a delivery partner, closely followed by reliability (78%) and good geographic coverage (61%). Across all business sectors, reliability topped the list of priorities (81%), followed by price (77%), then coverage (60%).

Tim Brown, Sales & Marketing Directort City Link, said: "We are aware of the needs of the manufacturing industry and the demands placed on their businesses.

"We recognise that one size does not fit all: for example you wouldn’t send a nut and bolt in a huge cardboard box, just as you wouldn’t try to squeeze a gearbox into an envelope. So why should small manufacturing businesses, often working on very tight margins, expect to fit a delivery package designed for a large multinational giant of a company?

"The customers of manufacturing companies expect the same standards of excellence across all aspects of their order – right from the moment the order is taken, through to the product being delivered.

"City Link prides itself upon its efficiency; we are also proud to be flexible in the services we offer and in the customer demands that we meet."

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