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City Link research reveals a difference of opinion between genders when it comes to choosing a delivery partner for the UK

Women who are senior managers in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) surveyed whose businesses despatch goods were more likely to say competitive pricing is more important than reliability, with 82 per cent of women surveyed claiming cost was a key issue.

Male bosses on the other hand were more likely to say that reliability (82%) is more important than the best price.

The research was conducted by YouGov and out of those polled in the recent survey, both men and women did agree that price (75% male vs. 82% female) and reliability (82% male vs. 78% female) were the two most important factors. Good geographic coverage (59% male vs. 65% female) and transparency (51% male vs. 59% female) – such as the ability to track deliveries – were the next most important factors.

The survey also revealed that almost half (49%) of all small and medium businesses who deliver goods see their delivery company as a reflection of their own brand.

Tim Brown, Sales & Marketing Director at City Link, said: "It was interesting to see that male and female owners and managers of SMEs had differing views in relation to what was important in selecting a delivery partner."

"Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, claims the famous book. We don’t deliver there, yet! But it is true that everyone approaches the task of choosing a delivery company in a very different way.

"At City Link, we know that businesses demand different things from us, and we aim to meet those unique demands. That is why we will be launching a dedicated SME delivery package.

"One size does not fit all: you wouldn’t send an important document in a huge cardboard box, just as you wouldn’t try to squeeze a laptop computer into an envelope. So why should small businesses expect to fit a delivery package designed for a large company?

"City Link prides itself upon its efficiency; we are also proud to be flexible in the services we offer and in the customer demands that we meet."

Both male and female bosses can rest assured that City Link – a leading delivery company established in 1969 – currently boasts an excellent 98.5 per cent delivery record and also offers very competitive pricing.

City Link offers a wide range of flexible, secure services such as next day and same day delivery; timed services; international services; and Post.

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