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Clark has equipped the popular GTS series with new HMC diesel and LPG engines

Power in harmony with the environment and consumption

Clark has equipped the popular GTS series with new HMC diesel and LPG engines. The environmentally friendly industrial engines comply with EU emission level 5 and ensure equally powerful and economical operation.

The GTS series consists of diesel and LPG forklifts with lifting capacities from 2 to 3.3 t and lifting heights of up to 7315 mm. As is standard at Clark, the GTS series is also built according to the “built to last” principle and accordingly has a solid construction with high-quality and durable components. The standard wet multi-disc brakes, the transmission in separate design, the stable, vibration-free steering axle and the ergonomic driver’s workplace make this series not only robust and reliable, but also comfortable and safe. This makes the truck series ideal for intensive use in multi-shift operation in goods distribution, production or warehousing. In addition, maintenance costs are extremely low over the entire life cycle. The new low-maintenance timing chain also contributes to this. This has a positive effect on the total cost of ownership of the vehicles.

New engine for low-emission and economical operation

The new powerful HMC four-cylinder industrial engines with diesel particulate filter ensure powerful acceleration and reliable operation with more economical consumption. The engine power is 48.7 kW with a displacement of 2199 cm3. Since the engine and transmission are installed separately from the drive axle (split transmission), vibrations and oscillations at the driver’s seat have been reduced and smooth driving behaviour ensured.

To optimally adapt the performance to the individual application, the maximum speed can be adjusted via an optional speed limiter. Compared to vehicles with drum brakes, the GTS series with enclosed and oil-cooled multi-disc brakes requires up to 50% less effort. In addition, downtimes and costs for brake maintenance are eliminated, as they are maintenance-free compared to drum brakes. Another advantage of wet multi-disc brakes is that operating the truck in a dusty or wet environment has no negative impact on the braking effect.

Ergonomic driver’s workplace

The driver’s workplace is designed so that the driver enjoys plenty of headroom and legroom. The suspension seat and the tilting steering column can be individually adjusted. The pedals are arranged in a car-like manner and can be operated intuitively. The vehicle is operated via hydraulic levers that are conveniently positioned on the bonnet. Up to five hydraulic functions can be implemented directly from the factory. The hydrostatic power steering enables easy and safe steering with just a few turns of the steering wheel. In addition, the driver has a good field of vision through the mast. This is ensured by the low front wall and the nested mast profiles. The clear driver display informs the driver about all important operating data at a glance. On diesel engines, it also serves to monitor the diesel particulate filter.

Safe and quiet load handling

The nested mast profiles and the robust 6-roller fork carriage provide high strength even under the heaviest loads. For low-noise lifting operations, the trucks are equipped with mast damping as standard. During lifting operations, the transition between the individual mast profiles is smooth. This protects the goods and lift mast components and allows smooth and precise load handling.

In order to guarantee a high level of safety in different operating conditions, numerous safety features are available for the trucks, such as a highly visible orange safety belt, automatic neutralisation of the direction of travel if the belt buckle is not closed with sequence monitoring, blue LED warning lights or the CLARK SafeView@360 camera system so that the driver has everything in view around the truck. Hydraulic accumulators are also designed to prevent the load from swinging up on uneven floors.

Wide range of additional equipment

In order to adapt the trucks individually to the application, Clark offers a wide range of additional equipment, such as wide track, twin or non-marking tyres, integrated or mounted sideshifters, fork positioner, lockable fuel filler cap, additional hydraulic functions, quick-change system, rear-view mirrors, strobe lights as well as different seats and cab variants. With a full cab, for example, the two-part driver’s doors can be opened 180° and fixed to the truck frame. This makes it possible to move the truck with the doors open, for example in summer. A heater, electrically heated rear window, front and rear windscreen wipers, easily accessible storage compartments and a radio with Bluetooth function round off the comfortable full cab.

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