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Clean energy storage solutions company Heliocentris presents emergency power supply at Hannover Fair

Innovative hybrid solution from lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells enables emergency power supply with significantly longer backup time

At the Hannover Fair 2010, Heliocentris Fuel Cells AG, a leading provider of clean energy storage solutions, is presenting an innovative emergency power supply solution based on the hybridisation of lithium-ion batteries and the Heliocentris Nexa 1200 fuel cell platform.

The intelligent and efficient combination of these two cutting-edge technologies enables a superior solution with significantly longer backup time which cannot be achieved with current standard solutions except for with the use of diesel generators.

With its solutions, Heliocentris is always aiming for the principle of hybrid energy-storage, as energy density is the crucial factor in storing energy. Only in this way can storage be kept compact and long runtimes be achieved. In this respect, hydrogen is taking a leading position as a means of energy storage. Considered individually, storage solutions with batteries or fuel cells have specific strengths and weaknesses. Only when they are combined by means of intelligent energy management does a solution arise which is suitable for current and future requirements.

"The presentation of this solution is a significant milestone in the industrial market launch of our stationary storage platform" comments Andras Gosztonyi, CFO of Heliocentris. "Besides emergency power solutions, Heliocentris is already successfully addressing the market for autonomous power supply solutions. Such a solution was presented at last year’s Hannover Fair, which was later in the year introduced to the market with great success, particularly in the Gulf".

"2010 we will see a significant breakthrough in terms of our industrial market entry. Our storage solutions have reached the necessary level of technical advancement. We are in talks with various industry customers and in the second half of the year will begin field tests with them, operating our storage solutions in different applications", commented Henrik Colell, CEO of Heliocentris.

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