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Clothing giant Cassis doubles the productivity of its warehouse thanks to voice picking

Zetes has deployed its ZetesMedea Voice solution in the logistics centre of Cassis, a fast-growing clothing retailer with shops in the Benelux and France. Using the voice solution, processes such as order picking, cross-docking and restocking are carried out much faster and with fewer mistakes. Not only does this allow Cassis to meet the demands of seasonal peaks, it also processes the increasing number of orders without a hitch, resulting in double the number of shops being supplied by the same number of employees.

Cassis is a well-known women’s clothes retailer in the Benelux and France. The logistics process is determined by product characteristics such as ‘size’, ‘colour’, ‘folded’, ‘hanging’, ‘piece’ and ‘bulk’. The result is a complex matrix that requires substantial efforts to correctly follow up all orders and maintain stock levels. Cassis’ success over the last ten years has seen its store network multiply from 60 to 130 sales outlets, as well as its e-commerce activity, resulting in increased seasonal peaks and pressure on the logistics centre. In order to continue guaranteeing its outstanding service, the business optimised its logistics processes using ZetesMedea.

ZetesMedea, powered by the MCL Voice platform, is a logistics solution that efficiently manages warehouse processes. The aim is to quickly and flexibly organise the processes, to reduce errors and lower the costs. ZetesMedea Voice focusses on the use of speech-processing technology and is used for order picking in warehouses amongst other things.

At Cassis, ZetesMedea Voice is used in different stages of the logistics process, i.e. for cross-docking, put-away and multi-client order picking. Thanks to Voice technology, Cassis now carries out its processes significantly faster: equipped with a Zebra WT4190 terminal connected to a ring scanner and a headset, operators can now work hands and eyes free to pick multi-clients orders. Besides, the system’s flexibility and the multi-modal approach, whereby voice can be used together with scanning and printing of labels, has greatly improved the overall efficiency of the warehouse.

"Since Zetes’ Voice solution is an untrained system, the temp workers we hire during peak seasons are directly up and running. The productivity we gain thanks to this new system allows us to handle twice as many operations without increasing the headcount. " concludes Monique Courant, IT & Logistics Manager at Cassis.

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