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SSG Insight CMMS Streamlines Processes and Prevents Problems

CMMS Streamlines Processes and Prevents Problems

Designed to optimise and simplify processes, the computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) is an operational tool that manages the capital assets of an organisation. It covers everything from the performance of people to how machinery operates and allows businesses to track the elements that are related to planning, cleaning and inspections.

Whether you are looking at ways to simplify inventory reports or require a more streamlined means of processing work requests, the CMMS is a tool that can troubleshoot for you by ensuring your production systems are operating as they should.

What Does the CMMS Do?

The CMMS resolves some of the key issues that slow down the running of businesses. It does this by delivering an automated service that consolidates the information for the task at hand, looking in detail at what is required to solve the problem, when it was last worked on and when. This ultimately automates the critical management of assets and the associated data, and makes it both accessible and easy to track and report on.

If manual processes are failing, it can have an impact on the company, and, in turn, on productivity levels within the team. By handing over reporting and management to the CMMS, time and resources are freed up for other tasks.

How the CMMS Prevents Problems

There are several ways a CMMS can help to prevent issues and solve problems. In terms of the general running of things, a CMMS can help to take what exists already and use in-built reporting tools to deliver KPI data and other stats. However, the tools included can be tailored to meet the requirements of the company. CMMS by specialists like SSG Insight can run analysis in several ways.

Also, a key benefit of the CMMS is that breakdowns can also be prevented, thanks to planned maintenance scheduling tools available within the CMMS creating an easier way to manage and maintain the asset. The fewer breakdowns there are, the lower the repair costs will be.

In addition, these planned maintenance scheduling tools can help to reduce downtime. Breakdowns are not only time-consuming for a company, but can be damaging for the business’ reputation if it is a recurring theme. A CMMS that can help to reduce this can ultimately produce a consistently high-performing asset.

Other key benefits of a CMMS are their ability to reduce accidents and assess equipment. By running asset checks, areas such as risk management and safety training are covered and kept at the highest standards.

Likewise, regular assessments can identify risks and plan for any refurbishment that is required. This means that issues such as equipment breaking or the need for a product recall can be built-in as part of the CMMS, creating smoother operations.

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