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CMS SupaTrak have been chosen by Birmingham City Council to provide a vehicle telematics solution for their mixed fleet of vehicles

CMS SupaTrak, supplier of vehicle telematics solutions and fuel saving technology, has been selected by Birmingham City Council to provide a solution to help them manage their mixed fleet of vehicles.

As the largest local authority in Europe today, servicing in excess of 400,000 homes each year, Birmingham City Council have a significant number of assets to manage, including street cleansers, refuse collection vehicles and recycling trucks. These vehicles represent high value assets and Birmingham City Council needed to find a solution that would be able to monitor and precisely locate any vehicle in the fleet, on demand.

Birmingham City Council’s Fleet and Waste Management Division is responsible for the collection, recycling and disposal of over 500,000 tonnes of waste per annum that is generated in the city from households and businesses and they have installed the SupaTrak vehicle tracking solution into over 300 of their Waste Management vehicles and as a result are significantly reducing their fuel costs, and improving their overall operational efficiency.

Mark Childs, GIS Project Manager for Waste Management Services at Birmingham City Council explains that "until now, we have had no definite way of knowing where our vehicles are at any given time. The implementation of SupaTrak has given us this capability."

SupaTrak is a simple to use, cost effective tracking solution which is easy to install and scalable to any size of organisation. With 60 second updates as standard, Birmingham City Council’s Waste Management fleet is visible to them on the SupaTrak web based mapping system, which can be accessed from any Internet connection 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The comprehensive reporting capabilities of SupaTrak have allowed the Waste Management Division to monitor and manage their fleet in ways not previously possible.

Mark Child explains that "SupaTrak’s capabilities have enabled us to monitor our assets and manage them more effectively. This has brought about increased efficiencies throughout our fleet."

The implementation of SupaTrak has had a positive impact on the fleet’s fuel costs and Mark believes this is a direct result of "more efficient driving techniques" being demonstrated throughout the fleet.

In addition to this, EcoTrak fuel saving technology is also being trialled in Birmingham City Council’s compactor vehicles and has demonstrated an annual reduction in fuel costs of up to £1,700 per vehicle. Using CANbus technology, EcoTrak enables fleet managers to monitor and manage their individual drivers’ behaviours, including real time MPG, idling time, speed, RPM, carbon output, harsh braking and accelerating and identify areas that could be improved. Using this information, necessary driver training can be delivered to bring about more efficient driving, which can result in significant fuel savings and a reduction in vehicle carbon emissions.

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