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CMS SupaTrak launch revolutionary new vehicle’s tyre pressure monitor the EcoTyre

Telematics and driver behaviour specialist CMS SupaTrak has launched an innovative new solution to continually monitor a vehicle’s tyre pressure – the EcoTyre.

With 5% of vehicles involved in crashes having tyre problems, either underinflated or poorly maintained*, EcoTyre has the potential to increase the safety of vehicles. In addition, tyres are the most significant contributor to vehicle maintenance costs*, which again demonstrates the benefits that EcoTyre offers.

The new EcoTyre solution comprises of sensors which are fitted to the vehicle’s tyres, measuring their pressure in real time. This data is then transmitted and recorded in real time by CMS SupaTrak’s EcoTrak telematics solution. Drivers can then view the live data using an in-vehicle display unit, as well as fleet managers being able to access the data through the EcoTrak reporting suite.

Adding to the safety benefits of the EcoTyre system, alerts can be sent to both the driver and relevant managers if there is an incidence of over or under inflation. These alerts will be shown on the display unit, and can also be sent by text message or email.

Jason Airey, managing director of CMS SupaTrak, explains more behind the development of EcoTyre: "Research has shown that under or over inflated tyres can affect a vehicle in many ways, including increased fuel consumption, greater carbon footprint, reduction in the life of the tyre and increased accident rate. All of these factors show just how important it is to regularly check tyre pressures.

"At CMS SupaTrak, we recognise that it’s not always easy to remember to check tyre pressures, especially if a vehicle is used by a number of different drivers.

"The real time tyre pressure monitoring of EcoTyre provides accurate and instant information, as well as quickly alerting drivers and managers to any issues that need attention -providing the reassurance of drivers being protected, as well as other road users and the vehicle."

CMS SupaTrak offers a wide range of telematics solutions to suit a variety of needs including vehicle tracking, mobile working and driver behaviour management solutions.

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