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CMS Supatrak launch SDA 2

Leading telematics and driver behaviour specialist CMS SupaTrak has developed a cost-effective in-cab communication device to help manage driver behaviour and enable two-way messaging between back office operators and crews to improve fleet utilisation and efficiency.

Manufactured by CMS SupaTrak in the UK, the second generation Safer Driving Assistant (SDA 2) provides drivers with real time feedback on their driving style, using the integrated vehicle telematics solution. By displaying alerts on screen if a driver is performing inefficiently, the solution can help reduce fuel costs, lower carbon emissions and promote safer driving.

SDA 2 has been developed to be fully compatible with CMS SupaTrak’s JobTrak solution. For local authorities and contractors undertaking municipal and trade collections, this two-way mobile working device ensures activities and rounds can be pushed to the device and accepted by the driver and crew instantly. It also means drivers can respond by using either quick replies or by sending a customised response.

Jason Airey, CMS SupaTrak’s MD, commented: "Until recently, we have only developed JobTrak for third party on-board computer systems. However, these can be costly and therefore acted as a barrier for our customers implementing this technology into their vehicles.

"By investing in our own SDA devices and utilising our in-house technical expertise, we have been able to bring an extremely cost-effective solution to the market that offers a host of benefits to our existing and potential customers.

"For domestic rounds, the key advantages of the SDA 2 include the ability to send route information to the in cab device and enable route exceptions, such as road closures, delays, bins not being presented correctly or damaged assets to be recorded in real time. For trade collections, additional information can also be sent.

"This includes setting up customer addresses, container IDs and the expected materials to be collected. The device can also be integrated with bin weighing technology, allowing customers to collect and analyse bin weights, which is essential for trade billing. Real time tyre pressure alerts can also be
displayed on screen to help improve the safety of a vehicle.

"The SDA 2 also facilitates two way messaging between in cab device and the back office. This includes both predetermined quick messaging and customisable communications."

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