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CNHTC and Allison showcase HOVA60 Mining Vehicle

Allison-equipped CNHTC HOVA60 automatic mining dump trucks prove popular with operators who want to improve safety, operability and efficiency in difficult applications.

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (CNHTC) Jinan Special Vehicle Company recently delivered 20 new HOVA60 automatic mining dump trucks to the Zijinshan Gold and Copper Mine in Fujian Province. Equipped with Allison 4500ORS_R automatic transmissions, these vehicles have become incredibly attractive within mining applications, and specifically with China’s largest producer of gold, the Zijin Mining Corporation.

Zijinshan mine is filled with steeply graded tracts and other challenging terrain, which makes it difficult for ordinary dump trucks to operate, especially under heavy loads. Recognizing these as common obstacles within a demanding application, CNHTC and Allison Transmission partnered to jointly develop the HOVA60 mining dump truck with the specific goals of improving safety, productivity, operability and efficiency, while reducing overall operation costs. Zijinshan mine personnel spent more than three years investigating and another year in testing, prior to purchasing the HOVA60 automatic dump trucks.

"Normally, trucks move every 10 seconds during loading, and the clutch is easily worn-out with a manual gearbox," noted Rao Shihuang, equipment manager at the Zijinshan Gold and Copper Mine. "The Allison fully automatic transmission helps to avoid such problems by using a torque converter. With its unique integrated output retarder, the Allison transmission optimizes braking functions to ensure a smooth and safe ride down slopes, reducing brake heating and abrasion. While increasing safety, it also keeps down the maintenance costs."

Vincent Yang, Senior Sales Manager of China Truck and Specialty Vehicles for Allison Transmission, emphasized that the Allison transmission converter multiplies engine torque at vehicle launch. Together with the planetary gears and advanced electronic control system, it guarantees uninterrupted power transfer during shifting, thus meeting customers’ critical demands for a maneuverable, safe and reliable vehicle, even while heavily loaded on steep slopes.

Allison has provided CNHTC with transmissions of outstanding reliability and functionality for years, also participating in CNHTC’s overall product research, development, promotion and sales processes. The cooperative relationship, which includes market exploration tactics, has been mutually beneficial. Allison fully automatic transmissions have been adopted in mining dump trucks, as well as terminal tractors and airport snow removal vehicles manufactured by CNHTC.

One of the most significant achievements of Allison and CNHTC’s joint initiatives to date, the fully automatic HOVA60 mining dump truck has become a prized tool at many mines. A significant volume of units were sold last year and market demand has grown.

Chen Hu, General Manager of CNHTC Jinan Special Vehicle Company, said, "Looking back over the past seven or eight years, we have enjoyed a very sincere, symbiotic relationship. For instance, the successful promotion of HOVA60 mining dump trucks is simply the result of joint efforts made by Allison and our sales team."

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