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CodeSeal security label with integrated code and digital encryption prevents counterfeiting and brand piracy

Whether its ink cartridges, pharmaceutical products, car fan belts or high value technical components counterfeit products have a negative impact on a brand manufacturers’ image, customer confidence and sales. To combat brand piracy tesa scribos has developed CodeSeal, an innovative security label with integrated item-unique codes that are impossible to replicate.

Conventional security labels reveal whether a product has been opened by an unauthorised person en route through the logistics chain but until now users have generally been unable to prove a product’s authenticity. CodeSeal combines visible proof of any tampering with an individual security code and takes security to a new level. What makes it special is that the labels and codes are inseparably linked. In effect each label has its own computer-generated identity and encryption that prevents counterfeiters from producing valid product codes.

Integrating a code in the label also prevents any attempts at copying. Other features, such as bar codes to provide product identification and track & trace functions, can be incorporated into the design. Codes can also be used to register customers or products in loyalty programmes.

Different versions of the new label enable verification with or without a database. The code which is revealed when the label is peeled away can be checked immediately against data on the removable layer. It can also be verified via SMS or on the Internet.

The labels are designed to be fully customised e.g. style, size, shape as well as colours and the security effect, can all be adapted to suite different product and market requirements.

CodeSeal is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of supply chain security protection systems which extend to product security strategy advice, supported by an extensive range of cutting edge security and application technologies. Products include tesa Holospot® counterfeit protection and traceability, tesa® SecuritySeal tamper evident tapes and labels and tesa® SecurityPrint labels tailored to clients’ needs.

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