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Combilift Forklift Trucks for sale from Carrylift Group

Known and respected all over the world thanks to a tireless dedication to superlative levels of quality at every level of its operations from initial design to final sale, Combilift has an impressive and formidable reputation. The company produce a professional selection of materials handling equipment, including the Combi-CB Multi Directional Forklift; this vehicle is one of Combilift’s bestsellers due to its many qualities.

Combilift was established in 1998 by Robert Moffet and Martin Mcvicar, a pair of driven and talented engineers. The business partners established their reputation by creating the very first multi-directional, engine-powered, all-wheel-drive forklift truck that quickly became the industry standard. As the company grew and developed, further investments in research and development allowed the company to design and manufacture a wide range of models, propelling them to the front of the forklift truck and materials handling equipment industry and generating the sale of more than 20,000 forklift trucks around the world.

The multi-directional capability that is the signature of combilift forklift trucks make these vehicles extremely versatile, suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Integral space-saving technology, which is patented by Combilift, dramatically reduces fleet size to offer environmental and financial benefits. Combilift have selected a dedicated network of distributors worldwide; Carrylift Group are proud to be a part of this exclusive network and we always have a large selection of Combilift forklift trucks for sale and hire.

The Combi-CB Multi-Directional Forklift Truck is built to last and has a wide scope of application which is enhanced by the provision of several custom attachments including a hydraulic positioner and fork-spreader bar. Available with a diesel, LP gas or electric engine, this vehicle has a reach height of 7,500mm and can lift loads of up to 2,500-4,000kg. The Combi-CB is noticeably more compact than the more traditional counterbalanced design and user-comfort is guaranteed with the fully-enclosed, heated cabin.

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