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Combined forklift benefits from Transmon’s new iTEch Control Module and Zone System

The new iTEch Control System from Transmon Engineering combines the benefits offered by tyre, gear and speed systems for materials handling operations in just one module. This can be used in conjunction with the iTEch Zone Control System to deliver a greater level of safety.

Incorporating iTEch Speed, iTEch Gear and iTEch Tyre systems, the iTEch Control System range is a selection of combination packages. The three systems are all available as standalone, single modules with individual functionality; as dual combinations with single functionality; or as one triple combination, with single functionality.

"Sold separately, forklift add-on systems such as iTEch Tyre, iTEch Gear or iTEch Speed, are designed to improve materials handling operations offering various benefits, but by combining three products into a multi-functional module, we have made the system even easier for customers to manage" explains Paul Sercombe of Transmon Engineering. "The iTEch Control Module range provides customers with an even more cost-effective solution and can offer triple the benefits in just one system."

Employing the triple combination iTEch Control system can help to enhance safety significantly thanks to the speed limiting capability. The system detects that the forklift truck is moving and applies the throttle restriction to limit its speed. When the truck slows down, the limit is removed to maintain full power for lift hydraulics.

The iTEch Zone Control System can be wired into a Transmon iTEch Speed 1 or iTEch Speed 6 System (incorporated into the iTEch Control System package) to implement speed reduction. It restricts travel speeds in designated zones, whilst maintaining productivity with higher travel speeds in lower risk areas.

Each gate, or exit, has a hardwired, fixed proximity transmitter with an adjustable radius field to suit the site and the trucks in use, and each truck is fitted with a programmable receiver. As the truck enters the zoned area, the system automatically switches to controlled operation, depending on the version installed. When the truck leaves the zoned area, the unit automatically switches to normal operation and the system defaults to ‘safe’.

Three versions of the iTEch Zone Control System are available to suit the specific application requirements. The system can also be wired into an in-built truck limiter (if fitted) or VMC (vehicle management system) or EMC (engine management system). If automated speed reduction is not required, audio and visual warning devices can be triggered to create additional awareness, alerting pedestrians to take caution as a truck is in close proximity.

As well as improved safety levels, the iTEch Control System offers numerous cost benefits. Depending upon variables including floor type, tyre type, truck operation and operator driving style, tyre life can be increased by 400% in some cases, helping to reduce the requirement for new tyres from 2-3 sets per truck per annum to just one set per truck per annum.

Wear and tear to the gears can also be significantly reduced. Designed to monitor road speed and automatically change between high and low gear ratios, the gear system removes full control from the driver and eliminates damage caused by inappropriate gear selection.

The iTEch Control System helps to greatly reduce operator abuse, protecting the trucks from damage, which can lead to higher truck resale value. The operator is prevented from selecting drive except when the road speed and engine speed are below acceptable limits, preventing the driver from changing direction whilst in motion or by selecting drive with high engine speed.

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