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Mitsubishi unveils new tiller arm. Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has announced an important upgrade to the pedestrian and platform models in its warehouse range – with the addition of a totally redesigned tiller arm.

The first trucks to benefit from this change are the very popular PBV20-25N(H) series platform power pallets, PBP13-20M(R) series pedestrian power pallets and SBP10-16N series pedestrian stackers.

The intention of the new design, says Mitsubishi, has been to address every issue that operators consider to be important. The rubber hand grips, for example, are shaped for easy reach of the controls and have been made from materials that give a feeling of comfort and slip-free confidence.

Visibly different from previous tiller arms, the aluminium construction of the shaft is said to combine high strength with low weight. Meanwhile, the crossbar has been shaped to deflect obstacles away from tiller arm, protecting both the truck and the operator's hands. A creep speed button and tiller arm lock bypass have been included as standard in the tiller arm assembly to maximise control.

By combining these features with the smooth, quiet, controlled performance of AC drive motors, Mitsubishi is aiming to enhance precision and efficiency while reducing operator fatigue.

The platform pallets are available in 2.0 tonne standard and 2.5 tonne heavy duty versions. Each has a wide, suspended, non-slip platform which stays down, when required, for easier access. Together with the foldaway, high-positioned, cushioned sidebars, it provides a safe, comfortable, ergonomic standing position.

There are four pedestrian power pallets. The 1.3 tonne model is light enough to use on mezzanine floors, and along with the 1.6 tonne model is small enough to be transported on a lorry for use at the load's destination. A compact chassis makes both of these trucks ideal for use in confined spaces. For heavier loads and longer shifts, two powerful 2.0 tonne models are available – one of them fitted with a folding platform for occasional travel over longer distances.

The seven-model pedestrian stacker series has a truck to match each stacking application. There are three capacities, from 1.0 to 1.6 tonnes, with maximum lifting heights from 3.3 to 5.4 metres. For operation on ramps or uneven floors, the initial lift models are recommended, while straddle leg versions are available for handling bottom-boarded pallets.

While a high standard specification is offered by all three series, Mitsubishi has made a wide range of more specialised options available. They include, for example, customised side panels on the platform power pallets which can feature the customer's own company name, logo or other artwork.

Welcoming the upgrade, Terry Foreman, General Manager of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks UK, says: “These three series were introduced quite recently and ever since then our dealers across the country have been delighted by customers' reaction to them. With the new tiller arm design we expect even greater interest. Your local Mitsubishi dealer will be very happy to give you further details and a demonstration of what our warehouse machines can do.”

For more information on these series, or any other in the award-winning Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks range, contact info@mitsubishi-forklift.co.uk or visit www.mitsubishi-forklift.co.uk. Address for Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks UK: Wyvols Court, Swallowfield, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 1WY. Tel: 0118 988 0221
fax 0118 988 0347.

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