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Coming to Paris - the award winning PowerChock™ System from GMR Safety

Coming to Paris – the award winning PowerChock™ System from GMR Safety

Loading bays are serious accident blackspots. Loading dock accidents, especially in busy distribution centres, are a frequent, costly and potentially devastating work place occurrence. Not only do they account for a significant level of all workplace incidents, loading docks are the scene of a high number of major injuries and fatalities**, often of a shocking nature. The Powerchock™ series of truck and trailer restraint systems from GMR Safety prevent dangerous trailer creep and premature driveaway, two of the most common and most serious causes of major accidents in the warehousing and logistics sectors.

The Powerchock™ range is renowned for its excellent quality / value ratio and there are a number of different systems available to suit all needs and budgets. The economically-priced Powerchock™ Portable 3 combines affordability while still presenting superior effectiveness and restraining capabilities. The top of the line PowerChock™ System 5 includes the unique ergonomical spring-loaded arm to easily place the large chock against the wheel. Depending on the model, Powerchock™ equipment offers varying levels of control with self-check diagnostics and maintenance monitoring, communication using interior/exterior lights and detection sophistication for integration with other safety devices and dock and door interlock capabilities with alarms. GMR proposes a patented robust door lock that secures the door opening until the chock is set.

Patented innovation

At the heart of every Powerchock™ System is a unique chock and groundplate interface which uses a series of specially hardened, interconnecting teeth to create a virtually unbreakable lock between the groundplate and the base of the chock. Fitted inside each chock is a sensor which ensures correct and safe placement. The new chock design captures the deformation of the truck tyre providing best restraining force when a vehicle applies excessive pressure during a premature departure attempt. This is an innovation that is exclusive to GMR and covered by international patents. Powerchock™ Systems are suitable for both concrete and tarmac (asphalt) surfaces. Installation is fast, methodical and economical with minimal engineering work and disruption to surrounding operations.

Coming to Paris - the award winning PowerChock™ System from GMR Safety 1Flexibility

All Powerchock™ wheel based restraints offer the flexibility necessary to cope with different vehicle types like container and box trucks, wheel/tyre dimensions, trailer designs, axle configurations, pavement surfaces (for both concrete and asphalt) and docking arrangements. With every system a range of sensor, control and winter options are available to offer outstanding adaptability.

This versatility is an essential part of the loading-bay safety equation as Gaetan Jette, GMR President, explains: “There are a number of different vehicle restraint technologies on the market ranging from simple manual wheel chocks to fully integrated, centrally controlled solutions. However, the best systems are uncomplicated, intuitive, universal and failsafe. And in addition they must be robust, reliable, cost effective and low-maintenance. These qualities are all inherent right across the Powerchock™ range and have resulted in it becoming the North American market leader with nearly two-thirds of the market for wheel-retention systems.”

Engineered to last

“The sheer strength and durability of the equipment is a major benefit and all products have an expected minimum service life of at least fifteen years,” says Sylvain Wallerich, GMR’s Director of Corporate Accounts in Benelux. “All PowerChock™ systems are effectively maintenance-free, with no critical moving parts, no lubrication, and minimal inspection routines. Products come with a comprehensive three-year warranty comes as standard. There is no comparable restraining device on the market with a lower total cost of ownership”.

Robust and durable, the products require no preventative-maintenance or lubrication for fifteen years. Designed to cope with harsh Canadian winters, Powerchock™ systems have an operational track record of two decades in very severe winter climates. The chock uses the truck weight to penetrate through snow and ice and special ground plates can be used to allow easy snow removal. Steel deflector tabs ensure they are not easily damaged by snowplough blades or buckets.

Driver preferred

Operation is quick, intuitive and efficient. All GMR Powerchock™ System 5 are controlled with an articulated, counter-balanced arm which makes wheel-chocking very quick, safe, and practically effortless, taking no more than 30 seconds to deploy. “This ease of use means that Powerchock™ is preferred by drivers,” says Vincent Tremouilhe who is GMR’s Director of Corporate Accounts in France, “and this means it gets used properly all the time, every time.”


Unlike common RIG bar (rear impact guard) grab-hook devices, the Powerchock™ vehicle restraints are compatible with ALL vehicles and typically provides a much greater restraining force. “Many RIG-based restraints are inadequate to withstand the pull-out forces involved in a trailer run off, their principal function being to absorb energy in truck underride scenarios not to act as a static vehicle restraint”, explains Gaetan Jette. “On the other hand, the GMR Powerchock™ line is designed as a WHEEL-BASED restraint system and uses a vehicle’s own weight to push the hardened steel teeth of a tall chock into the grid of a special reinforced ground plate. This means that the truck is dynamically held captive by one of the vehicle’s strongest components for the most powerful restraint possible.”

The Powerchock™ is now available in Europe through an expanding network of distributors who provide a complete sales installation, training and after-sales capability. Visit Stand Number S109 in Hall 6 at SITL Europe for full details.

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