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Comment from AKW Group Managing Director Julian Richards

Julian Richards, Managing Director of transport and logistics operator
AKW Group, has welcomed the Confederation of British Industry’s discussion on a change of policy on road funding.

Julian commented on the frustration that the large sums of road tax paid
by transport operators does not find its way to improving the road
networks and that too much being used for other government short fall.

"When we operate in Europe we pay road tolls, and although none of us
like the idea, it does seem to be the only fair way to collect money
based upon road usage. It will also enable the UK to collect some
monies from foreign operators, of course the risk as always is it would
become an extra tax cost, rather than reduction in what we have.

"We are very proud as an industry in the dramatic strides we have made
over the past ten years, in improving emissions, introducing working
partnerships to reduce road miles travelled. It seems unfair that
government will now have to find another revenue stream from users, to
replace the lost duty on fuel, which is a direct result of improved
efficiency and environmental support."

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