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Compact Hyster Fortens Cushion Tyre forklift trucks for operation in tight spaces

A series of compact Hyster® Fortens® Cushion Tyre forklift trucks has been specially developed for high lift applications in confined areas.

"With space at a premium, operation managers don’t just have to consider lift capacity in terms of meeting the application needs, they must also consider the amount of space available for the forklift trucks to operate in" says Kate Pointeau, Brand Manager, Hyster.

Compact Hyster Fortens Cushion Tyre forklifts are available from two tonnes to seven tonnes lift capacity. Intelligent chassis and counterweight design and disposition of internal components has resulted in a compact Hyster Fortens seven tonne lift capacity forklift truck that can fit into the same footprint as a standard four tonne capacity truck, giving unrivalled capacity in space critical applications.

"With other brands, selecting a forklift truck with a smaller footprint often means settling for a truck with a lower lift capacity, resulting in increased operating hours or fleet size," Kate adds. "But with the tough compact Hyster Fortens models, the same high lift capacity can be achieved with a smaller chassis, ensuring that high productivity levels can still be met in smaller spaces."

With a compact frame and shorter wheelbase, the compact Hyster Fortens S6.0-7.0FT series is available in Diesel or LPG and ideally suited to heavy duty indoor applications such as paper roll storage. Even when fitted with front end attachments, such as paper roll clamps, the S6.0-7.0FT series offers excellent visibility and rigidity during high lifts, with a compact chassis design and high strength mast.

In the lower lift capacity class, the compact Hyster Fortens S2.0-3.5FT series of LPG forklift trucks is ideally suited to high productivity indoor materials handling applications, offering strength, durability and reliability for even the most demanding indoor applications, contained within one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

Suitable for high productivity, challenging indoor materials handling operations, the Hyster Fortens S4.0-5.5FT series is available in Fortens Advance and Fortens Advance+ configurations.

"By selecting the ‘right’ forklift truck to meet the application-specific requirements operation managers can significantly reduce the cost of operation and enhance efficiency" adds Kate.

The complete range of compact Hyster® Fortens® forklift trucks delivers high levels of productivity, operator ergonomics and dependability to demanding operations everywhere.

For more information visit the Hyster global website at www.hyster.eu.

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