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Compact Hyster® S7 Forklift is tough on paper weight

With space at a premium in paper reel warehouses, the compact Hyster® ‘S7’ forklift is flexing its 7 tonne strength with just a 4 tonne equivalent footprint.

"In the paper supply chain, paper reels are usually stacked vertically, directly onto clean warehouse floors," says Matthew Allen of Hyster Europe. "As stacking heights are limited according to widths and dimensions, businesses are typically looking to reduce warehouse aisle widths to pack more in."

A major factor that defines the aisle width is the physical dimensions of the forklift trucks in relation to the required lift capacity.

Hyster has become a market leader supplying the paper industry with a truck that is extremely compact, yet with enough capacity to lift multiple paper reels. The Hyster® Fortens® S7.0FT forklift truck has an overall width of 1438mm and length of just 2956mm (excluding forks ) which is similar to most 4 tonne trucks, giving unrivalled capacity where size is critical.

"The ‘S7’ can increase the utilisation of existing warehouses, and its compact size can help improve driver productivity and confidence and result in less product damage," says Matthew, explaining that the ‘S7’ is ideal for taking paper reels from the marshalling area to store and can easily be fitted with any incumbent WMS computer system and scanners.

The ‘S7’ fitted with a clamp can, for example, stack 4.0T paper rolls at heights up to 6.5 metres. The truck features cushion tyres and suits a range of front end attachments including 180/360 degree rotation, single and split arm contact pads and allows for clamping, lift, sideshift and rotation functions.

Paper rolls can vary from tissue, board, Kraft liner, news print and high quality magazine product and they vary in diameter and width. "Different grades of paper require different clamping pressures which would be identified during a site survey," says Matthew explaining that reels can be both valuable and vulnerable to damage.

Applications are often highly intense, operating 24hrs a day, nearly 7 days a week. The most suitable ‘S7’ configuration for the paper industry combines the Fortens Advance option with the 4.3L LPG engine and the 3-speed DuraMatch™ transmissions to suit the demands of the most intense paper application. Diesel options are also available along with many other specifications to suit the application.

The robust, compact chassis design and high strength mast design optimises capacity retention at high lifts with excellent reel visibility and rigidity to suit various clamp attachments. The Hyster Stability Mechanism (HSM) enhances the lateral stability whether stacking a newsprint reel with a diameter of 1500mm, 4 high or driving the unladen clamp truck over dock plates. The Hyster return to set tilt control ensures correct alignment for clamp contact pads and reduces edge damage when setting rolls onto the floor, or onto a stack.

All powertrains are controlled, protected and managed by the Pacesetter VSM industrial onboard computer featuring a CANbus communications network. Hassle-Free hydraulic systems featuring Leak-free O-ring fittings enhance reliability and reduce the risk of product contamination and slippery surfaces. These features are particularly important in paper applications where hydraulic operation can be very intensive.

Oil immersed brakes further contribute to reduced maintenance, extended truck dependability and low cost of operation. Various options are also available including the PALS Pedestrian Awareness Light which raises pedestrian awareness of reversing machines in the warehouse, and Hyster Tracker telemetry systems.

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