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Companies find tracking system has many uses

SupaTrak helps Prompt Transport boost customer satisfaction and win new business. SupaTrak, the vehicle tracking system developed by CMS Global Technologies of Swindon, is increasingly proving the perfect solution for a whole range of companies wishing to manage, control, monitor and manoeuvre their mobile assets more efficiently.

Prompt Transport Ltd, the Bristol based national and international transport firm, is one recent convert to SupaTrak that has experienced major improvements to its customer service since fitting the system to its national vehicle fleet.

Prompt has many blue chip customers on its books working within tight delivery schedules that appreciate the increased visibility of movement that SupaTrak offers. In addition, the company says the system has also produced a number of benefits to its pallet network that have served to boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

David Ott, Prompt's Transport Manager, says the company had been investigating tracking systems for a while when it was approached by CMS and the resulting presentation and demonstration of the system, together with the package on offer, made it the most suitable choice.

As well as the basic user-friendly service, which has many commercial uses beyond simple tracking, Prompt also selected the European mapping and 30-second update options. Others include satellite navigation, telemetry recorders and the ability to link the system to a company's existing collection devices and back office systems.

David says Prompt began to experience the benefits of using SupaTrak from the start and continues to do so on a daily basis.

“Only the other day we had a time specific delivery for a customer that had fitters on site waiting. There was an accident on the M4 that threatened to disrupt things, but by using SupaTrak we were able to keep the customer fully informed about the vehicle's movement and provide regular updates on its eta. This enabled them to organise the workforce accordingly and minimise the effect of the delay. They appreciated our efforts,” he says.

SupaTrak has also helped resolve disputes between customers by providing the tracking evidence they need. “We had an occasion when a customer's customer disputed that the M6 was closed on a particular day, forcing the vehicle to re-route and leading to a delayed arrival,” says David.

“They suggested we were at fault because we left late. But the SupaTrak historic 'snail trail' facility, which shows the progress of every journey, quickly resolved the issue by indicating where the vehicle was and at what time. Producing this simple report diffused the situation and ultimately saved our customer £2,000. They were very pleased,” he adds.

Users of the company's pallet network have also seen improvements to the service with SupaTrak. Prompt brings several loads of pallets down from Birmingham each day to drop off to customers in the Bristol area. With 20/30 drops a day, the system enables Prompt to keep each up to date with a precise time for their delivery.

“We chose SupaTrak primarily as a means to increase customer satisfaction, but it has also provided the opportunity to improve service and security across all areas of our operations. In turn, we have become better time managers and have boosted our own productivity, so we now work smarter and everyone has benefited,” says David.

“The feedback from customers suggests they like this greater visibility and control, and I'm sure that in time this will be reflected with more business,” he adds.

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