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Companies must be prepared for the festive rush says Midland Pallet Trucks

“Companies must be prepared for the festive rush”, says Midland Pallet Trucks

Midland Pallet Trucks – There are fewer shopping months busier than December. Every year retailers take on additional staff to cope with extra demand and stock up to ensure they don’t run out of those must-have and on-trend items. And in order to cope with this increased stock, heightened demand and keep extra employees safe from harm, it’s important that businesses invest in their backend to safeguard them from disaster during the festive period.

Midland Pallet Trucks, which has been supplying pallet trucks, lift platforms and manual stacker trucks to companies in a plethora of sectors for over 30 years, has seen first-hand how important it is for businesses to prepare correctly by looking at their company as a whole during busy times, and not just focus on their front end offering. And according to their managing director, there are a couple of ways businesses can approach this.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Midland Pallet Trucks, said, “All too often, business owners – particularly new start-up or those who have seen growth over the last year – do not prepare correctly for the upcoming festivities. Many focus too heavily on their front of house offering which often results in issues further down the chain. In order to combat this, companies can look at plugging a gap in their warehouses by investing in a single piece of equipment, such as a pallet truck to enable swifter, timelier and safer move ability of heavy items, or consider opting for a complete range of new equipment to make every process run much more effectively.”

Investing in equipment can seem expensive to some, but it often costs much less than many think, and can also bring unrivalled benefits. Businesses of all sizes can increase efficiency, create a more contented workforce and ensure a safer workplace, all with the simple addition of equipment.

This advice comes hot off the heels of the news that the upcoming holiday period is set to sprinkle some festive cheer on the UK retail sector, following a lacklustre couple of months following the summer’s Brexit result. According to experts, it looks as though it will be business as normal for most retailers due to consumer confidence looking to be more resilient than first feared, while foreign visitors looking for a bargain are likely to do a bit of shopping and take advantage of the favourable exchange rate in the run up to Christmas.

Hand pallet trucks are a great investment for businesses who may want simplicity. They can be operated by everyone yet fill a number of roles. They are used to transport stock from suppliers to the warehouse, from the warehouse to the store and thanks to their robustness, can be used to move extremely heavy boxes from one place to another. Not only does this minimise risk to the employee, but is also proven to be speedier.

For those looking for a full solution, electric trucks offer a faultless helping hand during busy times. They come with a huge capacity – up to 1000kg – as well as strong forks which are perfect for holding not just heavy, but large items too. Lift platforms are another useful piece of hardware. They can save employees’ backs by doing the heavy lifting and keeping stock within easy reach.

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