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Complete asset management solution from Richey-ID and Redkite

Business identification solution provider ritchey-id has formed a strategic alliance with resource management company Redkite Systems Ltd to supply its robust polyurethane labels as part of Redkite’s barcode and RFID Equipment Management Solution – a software system specifically developed for organisations required by health and safety regulations to regularly assess the condition of operational equipment.

The relationship means that together ritchey-id and Redkite can supply a complete asset management system for mobile equipment and tools.

Redkite Systems Ltd develop and supply computer software solutions to organizations such as fire and rescue departments and airports. Designed to work in harsh environments, the Redkite Equipment Management Solution uses the latest Psion-based hand held reader, together with ritchey-id’s highly durable, colour-coded polypropylene labels, to provide a solution that is enabled for either barcode or RFID, as preferred. The system is designed to quickly locate and identify equipment, as well as allowing management safety inspection and inventory details to be input whilst safety inspectors and operational staff are on the road.

The label forms the tangible link between the software reader and the piece of equipment being identified. Robust enough to withstand extremes of weather and temperature, ritchey-id labels are equally at home underground or underwater and are unaffected by grease, grime or solvents. They offer a cost-effective solution to compliance with health and safety legislation.

Barcode and RFID labels enable speedier information capture and provide evidence that an item of equipment has been inspected. The embedded ‘memory’ in an RFID label enables a range of information to be stored on it. Information can include unique equipment identification number, location, last/next inspection date, inspection type, inspection outcome and inspector code. Other information can also be stored if required. RFID labels can be used on all equipment but are particularly beneficial in wet or dirty environments.

Part of Ritchey plc, which has a 30 year track record in manufacturing polyurethane identification tags, ritchey-id was formed to ensure an even more efficient level of service to industry. The company’s user-friendly website www.ritchey.id.com aims to inform employers of current legislative requirements, as well as the innovative applications that various industries are finding for its tags.

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