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Concertina joins the Linpac fold

A one-piece folding box which gives maximum utilisation of cube space when in use, yet folds down to give 80% space savings when empty, has been launched by returnable transit packaging innovators LINPAC Materials Handling.

As its name suggests, the Concertina box is collapsible, giving users reduced storage and transit space requirements. Easy to erect and fold down, it offers the ultimate in hassle-free, ergonomic handling.

Suitable for use in a wide variety of applications including retail, home shopping, automotive, manufacturing and general industrial, Concertina can be used in conjunction with all Euro standard pallets.

The sturdy 600 x 400 x 400mm polypropylene box has been designed to be compatible with conveyor and automated handling systems, its reinforced base reducing deflection and therefore avoiding damage to contents.

The Concertina's integral lid removes the problem of lost lids in the return supply chain and makes it easy to seal the box by way of special security tags. The same seals ensure that entry into the box cannot be made undetected via collapsing the end panels.

Bar code labels and RFID tags can be added to the boxes and logos and names can be accommodated as required.

Available in standard grey or bespoke colours, the Concertina's lid can be manufactured in a variety of contrasting or coordinating shades, allowing colour coded identification of box contents to be achieved.

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