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Confectionery firm unwraps the benefits of a Thorworld Platform and Ramp installation

A multi-national confectionery manufacturing facility in Dublin has improved its on-site loading and unloading capabilities, after installing indoor and outdoor mobile ramp solutions designed and manufactured by Thorworld Industries.
Following a change in logistics strategy, the site began storing all raw materials for manufacturing on-site. Given the consequent need for increased deliveries, the operation needed to boost capabilities for manoeuvring deliveries out of solid ship containers, as well as from lorries featuring standard curtain siders.

As a result, the customer turned to ADI Ireland, a specialist provider of operations and maintenance solutions, to devise an appropriate mechanism to support this demand.

“The pace of delivery at the plant is high, with several trucks often making deliveries within quick succession, or often simultaneously. This meant the right loading bay solution would have to enable solid containers to be offloaded in a safe and timely manner, within a turnaround period to facilitate the next delivery efficiently, explains Stephen O’Hanlon of ADI Ireland.
The solution devised by ADI involving keeping multiple options available in order to keep momentum flowing. “It made sense to include both an indoor platform and outdoor mobile ramp, to better facilitate the loading and unloading of solid side trucking containers,” Stephen adds.

“Furthermore, by having two pieces of equipment available, it meant there’d be back up at particularly busy delivery times to ensure the delivery cycle kept moving.”

ADI Ireland asked Thorworld Industries, whose expertise in bespoke loading and unloading installations made it the ideal choice to recommend an optimum solution for both indoor and outdoor options.

For indoor loading, a fixed ramp/platform combination was specified, enabling trucks to reverse up to the loading bay so that goods can be swiftly and safely unloaded directly into the warehouse.

Outdoors, Thorworld recommended the use of a mobile yardramp. While this is generally to be used in a fixed position, with alignment curbs installed to assist lorries into reversing into the correct position, the advantage of a mobile ramp is its portability. “As well as supporting standard delivery operations, the ramp can easily be relocated using a forklift and toe-bar, then put into use whenever and wherever a temporary ramp would prove beneficial,” Stephen confirms.

"The selected equipment was delivered from Derbyshire to Dublin using ferry transportation, before being professionally installed on-site using a specialist team, referred to by Stephen as being “friendly and helpful, as well as technically excellent.”

ADI Ireland and the end customer have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Thorworld Industries. “We’ve received a first class service, with all deadlines achieved without issue or delay,” Stephen concludes.
John Meale, Managing Director of Thorworld Industries, has responded to Stephen’s positive feedback by saying: “We’re extremely pleased to learn that this recent loading bay installation has been such a success. Having loading equipment that actively improves business operation is a valuable asset, saving time, resource and expense, while offering safety improvement which can be considered priceless.

“We’re delighted ADI Ireland has been so pleased with the designs and service we have offered and hope the equipment supplied performs for many years to come.”

Thorworld Industries Ltd,
Tel: 01246 260981,

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