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Continental Specialty Tyres at IMHX 2013

Continental Specialty Tyres are the market leader in product innovations, always at the forefront of product development. As the only market player to offer super elastic, press-on-bands, cross-ply and radial tyres, Continental strives to continually develop its product range, in line with market developments.

Our technological advancements and years of expertise fully support our commitment to end users, delivering the lowest total cost of ownership. With Continental tyres, you can be confident that you’ll get longer service life and minimised downtime, reducing your pence per hour significantly. Depending on your application, Continental tyres can provide you up to three times more hours than cheaper alternatives.

Not happy with standing still, the latest Continental LifeCycle tyre is a retreaded super elastic tyre with a strong environmental message. Reusing tyre casings means reducing the amount of energy and raw materials that go into the tyre manufacturing process. Based on selected Continental casings which have been subjected to exhaustive, standardised quality controls, this retreaded tyre achieves the highest possible quality standards, with environmental benefits.

Continental’s wide product range has been designed to suit various applications within the same business. For example, Continental’s wide portfolio range offers a comprehensive range to airports, port terminals, military utilities and underground mining.

Specifically relevant to the materials handling segment, the CS Easy is a unique offering to market as the first solid tyre that does not require a fitting press. Meaning the tyre can be fitted quickly and easily to any Lemmerz-style rim. Two hands and a torque wrench are all that is required.

Continental’s super elastic tyres have a high loading capacity and are extremely economical, ideal for forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles. To date over eight million super elastic tyres have been produced at our fully automated Korbach plant in Germany.

The Continental SC20 is the unrivalled performance leader in the market, setting the benchmark in terms of economy and environmental compatibility. Available in clean tread and antistatic, the SC20 offers superior handling and low rolling resistance.

Continental’s pneumatic tyre range provides comfort on all surfaces, therefore offering added protection for both drivers and goods in many transporting and lifting tasks.

The Continental RT20 sets the standard in power and durability, offering a rugged tyre for demanding heavy forklift applications where traction, strength and durability are essential.

The Continental RV20 offers industrial strength that meets industrial speed, designed for faster moving and long distance applications such as tow vehicles where ride comfort, high mileage and wet braking are critical.

Continental’s Industrial Network is a new and exciting concept launched to create a leading network of independent industrial tyre specialists.

Developing a network with coverage across the UK and Ireland, Continental aims to provide industrial end users with greater flexibility and choice whilst strengthening the position of independent service providers. As with all things Continental, a class leading service and product is guaranteed.

The Continental Industrial Network creates an alternative choice for the users, an independent choice, offering opportunities, flexibility and cost saving to customers.

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