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Convert to reliable live picking with Span Track

The new Span Track full-width roller carton flow track system from The Live Storage Company is ideal for converting pallet racking and static pick faces into highly efficient live picking environments. The robust and durable modular units simply slot into new or existing racking to enable rapid transformation of the picking process. Items always move to the front of the rack face at the optimum position for picking so that staff do not have to stretch or lean over to retrieve items. This means picking is safer and more efficient with improved ergonomics. The increased reliability and durability of steel Span Track compared with plastic alternatives helps reduce time lost through equipment failure so that more time is available for productive picking.

“Span Track enables users to improve efficiency by transforming static storage into dynamic and productive live picking faces,” says Paul Boyce, Managing Director of The Live Storage Company. “Travel distances between items are reduced, ergonomics for the operators are improved and delays due to congestion between picking and replenishment staff is eliminated. Span Track's robust construction additionally reduces downtime and overall cost of ownership when compared to the alternative plastic roller tracking. It's better and lasts longer.”

The Span Track system is ideal for full case and loose item picking. Units can be installed in conventional pallet racking or shelving, in many cases without the need to re-configure the system. They are supplied in exact lengths to install between (rather than on top of) beams so that the maximum space is available for storage and picking. The simple drop-in design ensures that units can be installed or repositioned quickly and easily without tools. Span Track can also create new storage and picking environments. It is ideal for converting ground and first-beam level locations into highly efficient live order picking faces where pallets are stored immediately above for rapid pull-down replenishment. Converting static picking faces into dynamic roller installations in this way supports greater productivity and more efficient use of available space.

In each case Span Track ensures items always move to the front of the rack face at the optimum position for picking. Staff do not have to stretch or lean into racking to retrieve items which means picking is safer and more efficient with improved ergonomics.

“Span Track allows customers to convert conventional pallet racking into highly efficient dynamic picking faces cost effectively and with minimal disruption to their ongoing operations,” says Paul Boyce. “We provide advice and support to ensure customers achieve the best possible results.”

Span Track is designed to take the abuse of busy warehouses and assembly plants. Full-width rollers ensure total support for cartons with up to 300 per cent more product contact than traditional plastic wheel tracking while snagging is reduced to maintain throughput and increase overall picking productivity.

Each unit is manufactured using tempered aluminium rollers with full-length axles mounted on durable galvanised steel side channels. This creates a strong unit that requires no intermediate support to carry loads up to 75kg per metre (50lbs per foot) on a 3 metre (10 foot) span.

Span Track can be installed in about one third of the time taken to fit traditional live storage beds. The strong and durable design promotes life-long reliability and reduces maintenance and ongoing replacement costs. Customers who identify reliability and performance issues with their existing plastic roller tracking can convert to Span Track with minimal disruption to ongoing operations by simply replacing them with new units with the same dimensions.

A number of options are available to enable users to create optimised picking and storage solutions. A “knuckle” unit allows the addition of 15 degree angle section to the front of the track face for improved visibility and access for even better picking accuracy and efficiency. Low profile and 3-D versions are ideal for heavier loads or where available space is at a premium.

The Live Storage Company offers flexible order picking and storage solutions based around the modular Span Track range of full-width roller carton flow track. The company provides consulting, installation and engineering support services to ensure customers achieve the maximum return on their investment.

Paul Boyce
The Live Storage Company Limited
T: 01295 709020
E: sales@live-storage.com
W: www.live-storage.com

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