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Cool Liner with Krone Telematics Door Protect proves its worth

How does one best protect the transport of high-value goods and how can I have my company certified for such transportation? These questions concern numerous transport companies around the world.

One solution is the TAPA-TSR certificate, which has now been granted to the Swiss company von Bergen SA.

The abbreviation TAPA stands for Transported Asset Protection Association; this organisation certifies the security processes used by any given company. The certification includes internal organisation as well as the vehicle equipment used by the shipping company for the transport of high-value goods. The TAPA certificate, TSR (Truck Security Requirements) applies to the vehicle equipment, assigned in the levels 1 to 3, whereby level 1 represents the highest security level.

The Swiss transport company von Bergen SA, now certified with TAPA-TSR1 currently uses 16 Krone Cool Liners equipped with the Krone Telematics Door Protect System for the transport of tobacco products. Krone Telematics Door Protect guarantees against theft protection. The doors are automatically locked and can only be opened again when the dispatcher has approved the opening of the door via telematics.

“The von Bergen company appreciates Krone and also its Swiss partner Fahrzeugbau Studen AG as reliable trailer suppliers offering numerous options, as in this case a solution for high value cargo. Krone and Fahrzeugbau Studen AG provide specialist knowledge and expertise, and we are very happy to recommend them,” says General Director Marc von Bergen.

Conclusion: With the Krone Cool Liner and Krone Telematics Door Protect, Krone offers a refrigerated trailer that stands for exemplary load protection against burglary and theft. The Cool Liner can therefore be a building block for the TAPA-TSR certificate, which is likely to be an interesting option for many transport companies.

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