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Cooling at 45p per hour

Warehouse owners can cool a 2,000m3 premises this summer for just 45p per hour by using an environmentally friendly evaporative cooling system from JS Air Cooling. An evaporative cooler can supply up to 10oC of cooling to an area of 2,000m3 using just 7.5kW of energy per hour, providing a safer, healthier and more productive working environment.

Also unlike expensive refrigerant-based air conditioning, an evaporative cooling system requires active ventilation of an area so doors and windows can be left open.

A typical evaporative cooling system consists of a large box type unit, situated outside or on the roof of a building, which sucks in air. As the warm outside air is drawn in through the walls of the box, it passes through a wetted fibre matrix and is cooled by the evaporation of the moisture, before being passed into the premises. The cool air can either be ducted around the building or released through vents immediately after it enters. As the only moving parts are a pump and a fan, the energy consumption is a fraction of compressor-driven refrigerant air conditioning.

As well as providing cooling to a building, an evaporative cooler will bring in filtered, fresh air and improve humidity levels. With the temperature gains from machinery an investment in evaporative cooling will be beneficial all year round.

Without an active cooling system hot internal temperatures are not just uncomfortable but can affect productivity and safety. Some studies have shown that an increase in temperature from 24.8 to 26oC can lead to a decrease in work speed of up to 15% (Federspiel et al). Another study has indicated that the average performance of workers dropped by 22% at 32°C (Schweisheimer). Also accident rates have been shown to increase with a study by Vernon showing accidents increasing by more than 30% when temperatures go from 20oC to 24.25oC.

For those warehouse owners who want to enjoy the advantages of evaporative cooling but don't want or can't employ an installed system, JS Air Cooling also provides mobile units that can cool an area up to 625m3. The mobile coolers are on wheels, easy to position, and a single unit can provide up to 30kW of traditional cooling for under 1kW of electrical power.

The Carbon Trust is offering small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) four-year interest-free loans to encourage them to invest in energy efficient systems with low carbon emissions, such as evaporative cooling. Depending on the energy and carbon savings achieved each year, qualifying companies may be able to borrow up to 100% of the installed cost, to be repaid over four years, interest free.

JS Air Cooling offers a full service of advice, design, supply and installation of evaporative coolers for any sized application.

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