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Corus goes from Zero to Hero with ACM and Covion

Corus Colors has increased recycling for many of its waste streams to almost 100% following the formation of a successful partnership with ACM Waste Management Plc and facilities management provider Covion.

ACM is the chosen waste management partner of Covion and the two companies have worked together to dramatically transform the waste management and recycling practices at Corus Colors.

Previously most of the waste generated at the company's Tafarnaubach site, in South Wales, went straight into landfill. Following the installation of a range of the latest waste management equipment and the introduction of a series of recycling initiatives, almost all waste is now recycled and a cost saving of over 15% has been achieved.

ACM has provided Corus Colors with a portable compactor for general waste, a single chamber baler for laminate, a triple chamber baler for grey polythene, clear polythene and cardboard, a bin crusher for steel drums, a wood skip, three 35 yard metal skips and twenty 240 litre bins for the storage of paint contaminated rags.

Now, 100% of the company's waste cardboard, polythene and laminate are recycled. Other recycling schemes are in place to cover steel drums, metal and wood, with a re-use initiative for the contaminated rags.

ACM National Sales Manager, Alan Amor, commented: “We are delighted with the success of the waste management and recycling partnership with Covion and Corus Colors.

“This is a perfect example of how, by comprehensively auditing all of a business' waste streams and providing the right equipment, ACM can increase recycling levels to almost 100% across the board with almost no waste at all being sent to landfill.”

Originally Corus had three 12-yard FELs, which were full of polythene, cardboard and general waste. These were emptied at least twice a week. Now, all polythene and card is baled for recycling and general waste goes into the portable compactor, which only requires emptying once every three to four weeks.

Alan added: “Introducing waste management practices, like the ones at Corus, offers a number of benefits to a business including better operational efficiency, significant cost savings and perhaps most importantly of all, improved environmental performance.”

For more information about ACM Waste Management Plc call: 0844 884 4191, email green@acmplc.com or visit www.acmplc.com.

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