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Costa Express strengthens supply chain with ByBox

Imagine a world without coffee…thanks to ByBox and Costa Express that will never be a reality. Costa Express, the UK market leader in self-serve gourmet coffee, works with ByBox, specialist in pre 8am deliveries to lockers, to ensure that engineers have the parts they need to maintain and fix any problems which arise with their self-serve coffee machines.

State of the art technology is a mainstay of both companies. Costa Express has found ByBox’ intelligent locker network to be a convenient solution for getting spare parts out to their engineers based across the UK.

As well as receiving parts, engineers can return parts using the lockers. They simply stick a return label onto a part and put it in the locker. ByBox then ensures it gets back to the correct return site by using the information embedded in the label.

Costa Express operates self-serve machines in over 1200 outlets across the UK. These machines use state of the art technology – grinding the beans to the exact texture, tamping the coffee into the filter and heating the water to the precise temperature to ensure that the key flavours are extracted from the beans. If any repairs are needed to these machines, Costa Express knows that by using ByBox, they are guaranteed a quick and reliable service.

ByBox works 24/7/365 to ensure its customers can perform at their optimum levels and carry out vital repairs with minimum delay. Delivering at night so parts are in lockers pre 8am, the ByBox delivery model is unique and caters for the modern society. This is one of the reasons why the company has been so successful and now makes over 20 million deliveries a year with over 20,000 engineers using the ByBox platform daily.

Engineers receive texts or emails alerting them when parts are delivered, ensuring they don’t have to wait around for deliveries. They collect their parts by simply scanning their unique access cards at the respective locker.

Mark North, Production and Logistics Manager at Costa Express said, "The whole essence of Costa Express self-serve coffee bars is to provide high quality coffee wherever and whenever our customers want it. It is therefore imperative that any problems are rectified as soon as possible.

"ByBox provides us with an efficient, cost effective and innovative solution for the transportation of parts to where they are needed. This not only keeps downtime to a minimum but more importantly increases the availability of our coffee and customer satisfaction."

ByBox is the UK market leader for field service solutions, specialising in delivering items pre 8am into its network of 18,000 drop boxes at 1,500 locations across the UK. The lockers are located on convenient sites such as supermarkets, petrol stations and train stations and with them being accessible 24/7, engineers can collect items at their convenience.

ByBox’ distribution network operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with a first time delivery success rate of 99.77% making it one of the most robust, reliable and flexible delivery systems in the UK. In addition to the UK, ByBox has networks in the Republic of Ireland, France and the Benelux.

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