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Cougar Monitoring security company foils two attempted Warehouse robberies

Leading security company Cougar Monitoring again demonstrated why its monitoring station has an NSI gold standard accreditation when it recently foiled two robberies at different depots of a leading delivery company.

Just before 22.00 hours one night recently a group of youths were spotted by Cougar’s staff outside one of the company’s depots in Leeds. Three of the group then climbed over the security fence and the moment one of the intruders jumped down into the protected area, staff at the monitoring station issued a tannoy message to the unsuspecting intruders. Startled, the intruders decided not to stop around on site and left the premises – rather quickly!

Six days later staff at 18.49 hours Cougar’s monitoring station received alarm activations from the delivery company’s Stockton-on-Tees depot. Three intruders were spotted in the warehouse on the site and staff at Cougar immediately gave them a tannoy warning, contacted the Police and asked them to attend. Following the warning, the intruders left the site immediately. Unfortunately the Police didn’t manage to catch them, but at least the prompt action by Cougar prevented anything being stolen.

Established in 1996 by two senior ex-police officers, Cougar Monitoring has grown into a premier supplier of security solutions with over 8,000 customers in the UK. It provides a "one stop shop" for security and in addition to manned guarding provides state-of-the-art monitored CCTV equipment, key holding, emergency response, and mobile patrols.

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